October 10, 2012

I Didn't Think It Could Happen...But I Hated the Thought of My Wedding

Hey guys...yeah, I'm not dead, I swear! XP

I just didn't want to keep filling up the blog with negative and whiney blog posts.  Complaining about the costs of wedding dresses, costs of weddings, mostly costs of things XD

But the truth is...

I really hated wedding planning for a while.

*GASP!!!*   Me?!  Hate wedding planning?!  How could this be?!????

Apparently it's different once you really start planning.  A LOT different.

Here, I have the freedom to do whatever my little wedding-obsessed heart desires, because it's all speculation and in good fun <3

But now I need to factor in what my mom thinks, what my grandmother thinks, obviously what my groom thinks XD, what will my guests like or be able to stand...etc.

And when you have strong personalities in your life...it can get really frustrating really fast.  For a while the wedding just made me super depressed and crazy stressed out.  Eloping options were researched XD

And I know I posted last month saying pretty much the same thing, and that I was fine...but oh boy!  What a freaking emotional roller coaster these past couple months have been.

Inside my cray-cray brain, as I get closer to the lovely time-of-month were PMS takes over:

I think I'm okay with spending this much money...it is a wedding after all...
Finance:  "You know we could really use the money to do some renovations on the house..."
Oh God, this is so wasteful, what am I doing?!

(a few days later...)

Well-Meaning Friend:  "You will regret not having a wedding later on in life, go for it!"
Well, if we don't go overboard with wedding extras, it could be doable...you really think so?

(more days pass...)
Well, if we decide to spend the money on a wedding, which venue should I choose?
Grandma:  "Have a list of pros and cons, that always helps me."
*makes list, and in my opinion everything evens out*
Which one do I choose?!? o.0

(many days of pondering go by...)

All I need to do is pick a venue and then I'll be set...
(the phone rings)
Well-Meaning Friend:  "Omg, you should just elope, you're going to want the money later on!"

So instead of this blog turning into "Sarah's Proof of Emotional Instability", I decided to wait until I felt better about the whole thing XD

The whole thing was just really unexpected for me, even though I've seen the proof plastered on every wedding blog in existence, some things you still need to learn firsthand.

So I think I'm better.  I figured out what I wanted, (mostly anyways), and feel like I'm in control again.

All brides with me now, *deep breath*


September 4, 2012

The Problems of the Budget Bride

Okay, so I've been absent for quite some time.  Why?  Well let's just say my bridal thoughts have been less than rosy :P  I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer, so I figured it would be better to wait until calmer thoughts came around.

All brides need to do this periodically, including myself!
*deep breath* "I LIKE planning weddings" *deep breath* "I LIKE planning weddings"...

And you know what I realized?  That all brides put themselves through torture!  If we're not trying to create the most beautiful wedding, we're trying to have the most unique wedding, or trying to make everyone happy.

But even the budget brides may have a problem--we're trying too hard to save money.  We're trying to be those clever brides out there who find the diamond-in-the-rough, that seemingly perfect gem that doesn't break the bank, yet forfills all our wedding needs.

Well...what if the venues you find that are affordable are horribly complicated?  Sure, you find a pretty empty rental space for cheap, and you find an affordable caterer.  But then who's coordinating the vendors, buying the booze, hiring the bartenders, renting the tables/chairs/plates/silverware/etc, setting up the space?  Yeah, that falls on you unless you find that diamond-in-the-rough wedding planner for cheap too :P

So you find close to what you're looking for, a venue that covers the basics, has an in-house coordinator, is different and beautiful, can have a ceremony and reception onsite, has great food...wait?  It costs HOW MUCH?!?  *faints on floor*

So then, we either leave the fabulous venues behind, because we are too stubborn to pay the piper, or, if you're like me, you beat yourself up for spending that much money.

What are we doing?!  This is supposed to be enjoyable, not a road of disapointment!

What every bride who scans the bridal blogosphere needs to realize is ALL weddings are inspiration, but just that.

Just like the bride who has the 6-tier cake, the bride who snags the $1500 caterer for 150 is just as unreachable for most of us.

An extravagant, custom wedding cake.
Weddingbee's Mrs. Earrings beautiful and affordable tea party/picnic wedding.
I have to say Mrs. Earrings had one of my favorite budget weddings, but unfortunately a picnic tea party setting just isn't me

Am I saying that the budget bridal stories are just as damaging as the expensive bridal stories?  No.

But they both can give a bride unrealistic expectations, and that's what's dangerous here.

Because even though we want the prices of the wise budget brides, some of us may also want an evening wedding on a Saturday in May or October with a sit-down dinner and booze flowing freely. :P (Oh how my bridal vision keeps changing...more on that later...)

Yeah, I'm pretty much going against every budget reception tip in the book here.  And I need to accept that that brings the price up, and there's not much I do about it if I'm not willing to compromise on certain factors.

Well, I am willing to compromise on some, but my finance?  Another story XD  No one filled him in on the budget saving reception tips apparently! :P

I envisioned finding that perfect place for the perfect price, and I would post it here on my blog, and fellow brides would cheer! and my mother and mother-in-law would be impressed! and my finance could relax about finances! and all sorts of other delusional stuff like that XD

A high-fiving bride and groom cake topper.

And when it didn't happen?  I beat myself up about it, feeling guilty that I'm putting financial pressures on everyone around me and that I'm not saving enough money myself to single-handedly pay for the whole shindig and save everyone from financial torture.  This involved a lot of pouting, complaining, and being cranky and generally awful to be around whenever someone mentioned the wedding XP

Until I finally realized that I was being a whiny bitch and should just suck it up and enjoy picking my pretty venue for heaven's sake!

Why did it take me a month to figure this out?  No idea, but better to come late to the party than not at all, huh? XD

August 7, 2012

A Castle For A Castle

As some of you may know, this whole blog was spawned because of the timeless beauty and charm of Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, NY.

A wedding at Boldt Castle, a Thousand Islands, NY wedding venue.

Such a romantic place made it easy to daydream about a wedding with my sweetheart, but when the time comes to put down deposits, how does it level up to reality?!?

I've mentioned three favorable venue ideas a while back, but since I've posted those, Pine Tree Point Resort's website is nothing more than a real estate listing, so it may be out of business, prices have gotten RIDICULOUS for Edgewood Resort, ($125 per person?!? o.0), and prices have gone up the Clayton Opera House, however those prices are still very reasonable for a building rental.

After looking over the local venues again with a fine tooth comb (since I decided I didn't want to go too far from the castle,) the ONLY other venue worth considering was the newly-renovated Thousand Islands Club.

The Thousand Islands Club, a newly renovated Thousand Islands, NY wedding venue.

I found a couple more pictures on their facebook page, their reception room is alright, however the bar looks smashing and overall it's a lot better than most in the area.  But of course, their wedding packages have not been posted yet  :P  I messaged them on facebook weeks ago and have not received a response.


So I started thinking, "Do I really want to deal with the frustration of dealing with a destination wedding venue that won't return my messages?!"

And I realized...that I don't.

I realized that it might be too difficult to get out-of-town guests over to a town that's 2hrs away from any major airport.

I realized that it might be difficult to afford venues in the area when there aren't many existing to begin with!

But what helped ease the loss of such a pretty ceremony spot?

Why, another castle of course! :D

I present to you:

Belhurst Castle, a Finger Lakes and Geneva, NY wedding venue

This lovely venue my friends, is located in Geneva, NY in the fabulous Finger Lakes area!

Let me tell you, I LOVE THE FINGER LAKES!

There's a reason why Mrs. Locket and Miss Fairy from Weddingbee choose that area for their weddings!  Everywhere you go you are going through gorgeous countryside, with so many lake views, you won't know what to do with yourself! :D

And this gem is on Seneca Lake, right on the shore :)

A wedding ceremony at Belhurst Castle on the shore of Seneca Lake in NY

You want to know what else is everywhere in the Finger Lakes?  Wineries.  Top-notch, quality, wineries.  Dozens of them!  It's awesome sauce XD

And guess what?  This castle is a winery too!  Ack I die!

Belhurst Winery wines

And you want to know what else?!  It's a hotel too!

The Lewis Suite at White Springs Manor, a part of Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY

AND it has a spa!

Tell 'em what else they've won Johnny!

(just kidding, I was on a roll XD)

So as you can see, this is what Boldt Castle would be like if it was easier to pull off! XD

It's a stunning one-stop-shop, the girls and I can get ready in the spa, (or my hotel room,) the ceremony would be outside facing the lake, the reception indoors, their tasty wine would be poured for the reception, guests can stay there for the night, and then the morning after brunch could be in their restaurant the next morning! :D

(Best photo I could find of the Meritage Ballroom that's not the virtual tour :P)

Doesn't it sound just perfect?!

I'm definitely starting to think so :)

So, what's the catch?

1) It's two hours away from Buffalo
2) It's a bit pricier than my other options

Both are fixable, however:

1) Geneva, NY is close to the thruway so it makes things mildly easier for driving commuters.  For out-of-town guests, Geneva is equidistant from both the Rochester and Syracuse airports, one hour away.  Not ideal, but I can get them a reduced group rate for car rentals at one airport to lessen the blow :P  I found that Rochester, NY was consistently more affordable than Syracuse for flights, so the special rate would most likely be there.

2) Belhurst Castle does have an absolutely horrible policy of having a minimum of $9000 for Saturday receptions May through October o.0  I don't even KNOW how you would spend that much money, (trust me, I've tried pricing it out!).  Solution?  Pick a date in the off-season, where there are no minimums, which is totally doable.

So, is two hours an ideal commute?
--No, but it's better than four hours XD

I can't WAIT til we come for a visit!!! :D

August 6, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts...

So, let's talk about that 6-letter-word in the wedding world, budget.

*shudders* o.o

Or another way to put it:  What ridiculous amount of DIYing am I going to have to do to keep the budget down?!? XD

An anxious bride, probably worried about the budget...

Yeah, our budget is going to be smaller than I would have liked...

...a lot smaller :p

Why? Well, the key thing to note here is:

Home Ownership = Empty Pockets
Empty pockets, so not much money for a wedding budget

Allow me to explain:

1) Foundation cracks downstairs start leaking water
2) Cracks start leaking a LOT of water...
3) Niagara Falls now resides in your rec room
4) ...and your laundry room
5) ...AND the home theater starts developing mold on the walls
6) Time to demo the drywall!
7) *cue sobbing over the mess that was once your home theater*
8) Oh look, another crack!
9) Call in contractors
10) Receive quotes and faint
11) Wake up and realize, no this is not a dream
12) Pout, but fork over the dough because your sick of bailing out your home and you want a quality job done
13) Spend the next year renovating the home theater, which would have taken the average do-it-yourself-er 2 months
14) Give up on the crown molding, leaving only parts of it on the walls and move the theater equipment back in
15) Weird spots start to appear on the ceiling...hmmm...
16) Floor starts warping in the hallway
17) GIANT PUDDLE appears in hallway
18) *cue sobbing as you realize the roof is leaking*

The cost of home ownership can be much more than anticipated.
XP  Yeah...

Pair this with my slow improvement of my spending habits and what do you get?! =
A very, very tiny wedding budget!

I knew this blog would be good for something! XD

So, what have we done to remedy this situation?

-The finance suggested getting married in Vegas by Fat Elvis -.-  I was not impressed.
-A 2014 wedding is practically confirmed.  We simply need more time to save up money, and as they say, time is money!
-A winter wedding is more desirable due to the across-the-board, off-season discounts with all vendors and services (Plus it's so pretty!!! :D)
-Venues that are too expensive get crossed off my list, no questions asked (There might have been some pouting however, lol)

So what does this mean for the gorgeous Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands?  A very surprising outcome, to say the least.

To be continued!

July 31, 2012

Why I'm Dreading Wedding Dress Shopping

Guys, I thought I would have a fun time looking for my wedding dress.

I'm flipping out.

Why?  Because of my &$%-&$^@ expensive taste! XP

What do I like?
A textured, ruffled, and ruched a-line wedding gown from David's Bridal
Dimensional lace
A soft, flowing a-line wedding gown with lace and dimensional flower appliques from David's Bridal
A modern a-line or ballgown wedding gown with lots of unique texture from David's Bridal

What does every budget dress look like?!?

A simple and elegant empire waist sheath wedding dress from David's Bridal
A traditional satin a-line wedding dress with pickups from David's Bridal

Meh.  Simple and streamlined I am not.

Yes, I mentioned the eBay dresses before, but now that I'm doing more research, I have found that these are just "inspiration" photographs, and not what really comes shipped to your home.

There are some great sites here and here where you can see the difference...

A wedding dress a customer actually received from inweddingdress.com, pretty but not really like the Maggie Sottero original photo given for the item.

A Maggie Sottero wedding gown, which inweddingdress.com put as a photograph for one of their items.
Nice, but not the same...

I mean I could try out eBay and see what happens, I have enough time, I'm just worried that they can't do the complicated things I would want in a gown.

So my next step is researching these knock-off sellers and see if any have more positive reviews than most, try them out, and if it doesn't work out, go to plan B.

What's plan B?

A LOT of research.

Plan B is searching on Craigslist, eBay, WeddingBee Classifieds, BravoBride, RecycledBride, sample sales, etc. to find that one used or sample gown that is going for a reasonable enough price.

Like finding a needle in a haystack my friends.

So now I'm incredibly deflated...and getting a headache :p

I mean why does the WIC (Wedding Industrial Complex) have to be this way? Any white prom gown costs *more* than the same thing colored would be.  All wedding dresses are labeled as "affordable" if they're less than $1K.

A dress made of money, sometimes I wonder if this is cheaper than buying a wedding dress
Sometimes this seems like the cheaper option...

You what I think is affordable? $250
Highest price? $400, and it BETTER look like the dress from the Gods! ):<

I'm starting to feel that I can't escape this wedding budget blunder...yes, my mom IS going to pay for the dress, but it's just the damn principle of the thing!  I don't want anyone to pay more than $400 for a one-day deal for me.  And that's that.

And is it my fault that I like a little style???

Meh, maybe my new edition of Bridal Bargains can help me :P

Hopefully my dress ideas start becoming a bit clearer and the dress will come to me...but I think it will be playing hard to get.

Wish me luck <3

July 29, 2012

So, Whatever Happened To My Miss Boa?

Okay, so I dropped off the face of the earth for a number of reasons, perhaps leaving some of you wondering...what happened to Miss Boa?  Did everything turn out alright?  How was the wedding?!  What did her dress actually look like?!

Miss Boa's faux Weddingbee icon! (Copyright of Christos Georghiou, via purchased license) Well the Miss Boa series shall continue, with bits of posting here and there in between my own wedding planning posts! :D

(It feels so cool to talk about my actual, real-life wedding!!! *squee!*)

Where did we leave off?

Oh yeah, she pretty much planned her entire wedding in two weeks time!  o.0

Miss Boa = planning wizard

Wedding Planning Wizard!

So what was next on her to-do list? --the bridesmaid dresses!

It all started out harmless enough, in order to find a dress we could wear later on, she asked her fellow 'maids what kind of dresses they like, told us what color she wanted, and to help with costs, we could pick dresses from department stores, given that the dress was in everyone's size :P

Well, this turned into a "EVERYONE WANTS TO BE INCLUDED!" message fest, and poor Miss Boa soon had posts pouring in on all sides, and the trouble was, everyone had their own style and ideas!

(Of course, my ideas where the best :D Just kidding!)

Not to mention that the wedding party had three...umm...height-challenged girls, (myself included XD) and two very tall women!  So body types were pretty much across the board here!

This went on for a few days until Miss Boa realized that she would just have to pick the damn dress herself!  Off to Victoria's Bridal Shoppe she went, (since a bridal shop can cater to all dress sizes,) found a lovely black and teal number, sent us a photo, and that was that!  The bridesmaids dress was chosen!

Miss Boa's Black and Teal Strapless Bridesmaid Dress!
A sneak peak at my bridesmaid attire! :D

Now...I'm going to tell you something that I didn't even tell Miss Boa...

I got the dress a size smaller than I should have.


I know!  This is such a bridesmaid no-no!  If you take anything from this post, remember this:

"DON'T get the bridesmaids dress a size smaller and say you'll lose the weight!"

Did I manage to lose the weight?
        Well yes, obviously, or that thing would have never zipped up! XD
Was it a stressful time losing the weight?
        Yeah...it was...
Could this situation have cause a major problem for the wonderful Miss Boa?

Even though I knew I had the time to lose the weight, and it was a fairly reasonable amount to lose, nothing too drastic, there are just so many things that can go wrong that it's still a slippery slope to go down.

But let me tell you, nothing is more motivating than knowing that come hell or high water you're going to have to come to a wedding in that dress!

Trouble losing weight for a bridesmaids dress

Oh! Another thing to take with you:

"Think about the style of dress you are choosing, and if possible, try it on.  See for yourself how your bridesmaids will feel wearing the dress"

As much as I and the other bridesmaids love Miss Boa, this was a hard dress to wear!

As you can see it had an empire waist and a pencil skirt, and it was that combination that prevented us from sitting down properly!  At least we looked fabulous :D and we still were able to get through dinner! lol

The thing was no one realized this would be a problem until we were at the wedding, and it looks perfectly harmless in photos!

So take note brides-to-be!  And bring more comfort to bridesmaids everywhere!

July 25, 2012

Guess Whatttttt...

ZimChi | MySpace Layouts - MySpace Comments - MySpace Icons

:D :D :D

The proposal wasn't exactly like one of my favs below (woot woot, Ctrl-Alt-Del back in the old days), but it did have its geeky charms :)

Ctrl-Alt-Del - Ethan's Gamer Proposal!

So no more stalling!

Let the wedding blogging commence!

(Thank you lovely readers for putting up with my moody breaks in blogging, I <3 you all!)

January 23, 2012

For All The Ladies-In-Waiting: A Reprise

*We interrupt this wedding planning extravaganza to bring you this heartfelt message*

As I have posted before, I have been personally struggling with my own relationship for quite some time now, feeling the frustrations many a hopeful girlfriend has felt, waiting for the love of their lives to tell them they are their one-and-only as well.

With such a prolonged troubled state, I wasn't sure if everything was going to go alright, and it looked like for a while my sanity and patience would run out before my boyfriend would be given the chance to feel comfortable proposing.

Well on the millionth night I was thinking about the matter, lying awake in bed, I was yearning for the relationship we once had a couple years ago, happy, relaxed, wandering our way through college...

I thought about the possible mistake of moving in with him, thinking that it gave me so much stress because I thought it was such a BIG DEAL. Because in a sense, yes, it was a BIG DEAL, but not as much as I made it out to be.

Suddenly I felt pressures to be a "wife", a strong and put-together woman that would be worth marrying, partly because I thought that was the logical progression of things, partly in order to try to persuade him to see that proposing "made sense" and was the proper path for us.

The problem is, I was more of a mess at that time than I have EVER been, and failure to live up to my high standards was everywhere. As time went on and no ring came, I felt more uneasy about trying to fill a wife's shoes without any promise that I would ever truly be one.

Basically I couldn't relax around him anymore, which lead to daily stress and tension between us, which I have no idea how he put with...

But suddenly a thought came to me..."Why does it have to be husband and wife living together? Why can't he just be my roommate that happens to be my boyfriend?"


My heartrate lowered, my mind stopped racing, and a large weight was lifted from my shoulders.

I realized I missed just being his girlfriend.

It all seemed so easy now, I thought "I can do this, I was good at the girlfriend thing." XD And now, even though it will still take time to truly be comfortable and happy again, I can enjoy my boyfriend more and more instead of fearing his rejection 24/7. And things are good.

I don't know if I'll have him as a husband, but I'm 100% sure I have his heart 100% as a boyfriend.

I figure all the stress that it has caused me has made me WANT to wait for marriage, made me realize I am more scared about the responsibilities of being a wife than I thought, and made me realize I do trust my boyfriend's judgement for when a "right" time would be. (He's pretty smart, he'll figure it out. :) )

Will the fears of measuring up to "wife standards" still be with me if he proposes? Yes.

But if one day he thinks I can do it, then I can give it a try. <3

January 21, 2012

How to Plan a Wedding in Two Weeks: Other Important Necessities

Miss Boa's big three, (venue, dress, and photographer,) were decided upon in a crazy short amount of time! This is one determined bride, lol.

But a few things were still needed...

1) Someone to marry them and make it official
2) Someone to get the party started at the reception
3) Something to eat for dessert
4) Something to invite the guests

The Officiant:

Finding an officiant in short notice was becoming similar to her photographer search, many were booked already and were simply out of the running by default! D:

One of the groomsmen mentioned a family member of his officiated weddings, Miss Boa had met him before and for a while was considering him to officiate, but she still had pending potentials at the time that she found on WeddingWire.

Finally, she received a reply that one of the potential officiants was free! She ending up going with D and J Ministry. They only book one wedding per day, and the ceremony and rehearsal cost $250.

A wedding officiant holding a ceremony book.Most important part of the wedding, (the actual marriage): check!

The DJ:

A big lively crowd on the dance floor at a wedding.Miss Boa really lucked out on this one, because she used one of the best things in the wedding industry---a friendor!

A friendor is an awesome friend who does something wedding-related and is willing to help you out on your special day! Usually at a lovely, discounted friends-and-family-only price, lol.

After discussing the details with said friend from Blackrrock Sound Solutions, an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, he suggested that two separate systems be set up: one for the indoor party and one for the outdoors, so Miss Boa's carefully selected ceremony music could be played and so the ceremony could be heard clearly by all guests!

Always a tragedy when the most beautiful vows are spoken yet no one can hear them!

Usually this would have cost quite a pretty penny, given that Blackrrock Sound would need double the amount of equipment to make the event work, not to mention an extra employee to help with setup... But Miss Boa was given the wonderful offer of half the price of the whole package! :D

And this, my friends, is why friendors ROCK!

(Miss Boa plans to tip her pal handsomely for his generosity and hard work. :) )

The Cake:

Miss Boa know where she was getting her cake long before getting engaged!

The sweet confections of Dessert Deli has enchanted many a female in the Western NY area, including me! *sighs*

Their cakes are luscious and decadent, not to mention just plain gorgeous:

A tasty Floridian Torte from Dessert Deli, a Buffalo, NY wedding cake bakery.A tasty Mango Crunch Cake from Dessert Deli, a Buffalo, NY wedding cake bakery.
Some tasty cakes being offered this month that I have yet to sink my teeth into... *drool*

Miss Boa's favorite has always been their red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

So naturally she ordered a red velvet tiered cake, with alternating ivory and dark brown tiers. (fillings to be decided later) It will be decorated with climbing branches dotted with delicate teal cherry blossoms.

I haven't seen the design, but it will probably look something like this, except in the proper colors:

A cherry blossom and branch wedding cake by CMNY cakes.Ooooo, ahhhh! So pretty. :)

And there's an extra bonus too! If you get your wedding cake through them, you get 10% off all future cakes and cookies for life. o.0 So much cake...so little time! XD

The Invitations:

Getting her invitations was simple enough, due to the fact that they were the only thing she needed to purchase to obtain her fabulous wedding planner! As long as she purchased the invitations through her, Miss Boa would receive her guidance and assistance.

And surprisingly, there was a wide selection of price points, she ending up spending only $2 per invite for a invite/envelope/RSVP suite in her wedding colors!

Affordable invitations without the agony of printing, cutting, pasting, stamping, etc. over 100+ pieces of paper?! Sounds like a good deal to me!

She does plan on saving money on calligraphy by printing out the envelope addresses on her own. Very smart, I approve. :)

She mentioned that the design was hard to describe, so I guess I'll have to wait until I help her with addressing the envelopes...

So by the time the holidays ended, Miss Boa managed to scratch off the following wedding to-do items:

-Wedding planner
-Ceremony Site
-Rentals (included with venue package)
-Wedding dress

Whew! Makes me tired just looking at it! XD

A big round of applause please to Miss Boa!

Can I getta woot woot?! owl iconShe has done something I know I could never do, haha.

January 15, 2012

How to Plan a Wedding in Two Weeks: The Photographer

You can't have all this wonderful eye candy of a venue and a dress without someone to capture it! A photographer was desperately in order!

The Photographer:

The search for a photographer started out bleak. (i.e. Expensive!)

Her planner wanted her to hire the best of the best, Ayres Photography.

And you have to admit, their photos are amazing...

Photo copyright of Ayres Photography.Copyright of Ayres Photography.Copyright of Ayres Photography.
All photos copyright of Ayres Photography.

But not their $4,000 price tag... o.0

To be fair, Miss Boa realized that the package her planner was suggesting to her was much more than she needed--12 hours of coverage and a (rather pricey) wedding album was not necessary! The engagement photo shoot, however, was going to stay!

Still, $3,000 for their 8 hour package wasn't exactly affordable either...so the search continued!

The pricing of Kaz Photography appealed to her instantly, and the photos were just as eye catching!

Copyright of Kaz Photography.Copyright of Kaz Photography.Copyright of Kaz Photography.
All photos copyright of Kaz Photography.

The Premier Plus package sounded perfect, 8 hours of wedding coverage, a DVD of all images with copyright release, $100 print credit, and an engagement shoot for $2,450!

Sadly, Kaz Photography was booked for the day of her wedding :( So Miss Boa went on to the next contenders...

Since I may oogle at wedding photos that show up on my facebook feed from time to time, :P , I suggested Tess Moran Photography because those photos really stuck out in my wedding-crazed mind!

Great photographs...

Copyright of Tess Moran Photography.Copyright of Tess Moran Photography.Copyright of Tess Moran Photography.
All photos copyright of Tess Moran Photography.

...with packages that start at $3,000. Darn it! Nevermind then I told her, keep looking!

While finding photographs of the reception rooms in Templeton Landing, Miss Boa discovered Knight Studio Photography.

She liked their style of photography:

Copyright of Knight Studio Photography.Copyright of Knight Studio Photography.Copyright of Knight Studio Photography.
All photos copyright of Knight Studio Photography.

Their pricing was alright starting at $2,500, however to include the engagement photo shoot she wanted, the price would have to rise to $2,850.

Plus this company was also booked for her wedding date. XP

Needless to say she was starting to worry a bit about booking a photographer in time!

Determined to find someone who would fit their budget and schedule, Miss Boa did a very, very through search, considering eight other various photographers, all starting at $3K for what she wanted.

Till she found Robin Fox Photography!

*cue heavens parting*

Copyright of Robin Fox Photography.Copyright of Robin Fox Photography.Copyright of Robin Fox Photography.
All photos copyright of Robin Fox Photography.

Photographs that take your breath away, 10 hours of wedding coverage, DVD of images with copyright, 5-10 prints, an engagement session AND a wedding album for a grand total of $2,150.


I almost didn't want to tell you about this photographer so maybe Robin Fox would still be up-and-coming (and thus still affordable,) by the time I get married! XD

Being available for Miss Boa's special day, it was settled! The photographer was booked!

There still were some big elements still missing from Miss Boa's wedding, find out which next post!

January 11, 2012

Weddingbee is IMPOSSIBLE to Catch Up To

EDIT: Okay so Weddingbee hasn't updated their "Miss Bloggers" list yet. XD It appears that there has been a Miss Boa Constrictor since the start of the month! (How strange, at the same time pretty much XD) I've updated the post to reflect that!

As a random detour, I have been reading Weddingbee posts in chronological order in my free time to catch up with all the lovely Bees that I had abandoned last summer for my sanity and wedding-less peace of mind.

(What? You gotta read them in order!)

S-L-O-W-L-Y but surely I got to the end of August, and realized they already had a boa constrictor icon:

Weddingbee's Miss Boa Constrictor icon.XD

That's what I get for coming up with a new icon before I knew what existed!

Good thing it's "Miss Boa" and not "Miss Boa Constrictor"! Plus I like my icon better, tee hee.

Miss Boa's faux Weddingbee icon! (Copyright of Christos Georghiou, via purchased license)At least no bride has claimed that moniker yet, but still I apologize in advance to anyone who gets confused. :P

So recap:

Miss Boa = my awesome engaged friend
Miss Boa Constrictor = one very lucky duck who will someday be is blogging for Weddingbee

Got it? Good :)

Now let's hope there's no "Miss Boa" the fashion accessory in existence XD