July 22, 2010

Where, Oh Where, Should the Reception Be? Part 3

A continuation of the venue search from the last couple posts...

Edgewood Resort -

Edgewood Resort's Gazebo Room
There are very few meal choices, a grand total of 5 -.- Not impressed...

Average cost for dinner with rolls, salad, entree, and coffee = $33.50 per person
Total for 100 guests = $3350
7.75% sales tax = $260
20% gratuity = $670
Food subtotal = $4,280

4 hours open bar = $31 per person
Total for 100 guests = $3100
7.75% sales tax = $240
20% gratuity = $620
Bar subtotal = $3,960

Grand total for 100 guests = $8,240

- it is a hotel, although the rooms are kinda eh...
- I *might* be able to reserve rooms for my guests in advance
- it comes with tables, chairs, linens, etc.
- cake cutting is included
- champagne toast for the head table is included
- waterfront views!
- it has some character!
- it looks more unique than your usual reception room!
- they mention they can tailor the menu (i.e. more menu choices)
- I can transport all guests to and from the castle for $850

- very few appetizer and entree choices shown, others may be more expensive
- the open bar price was for only well liquors and one beer choice XP
- pricing only includes 4 hours onsite

So for the moment, those are the kinda top 3 contenders with the information I have right now, but the following, although lacking online information, should not be completely called out of the running...

Hart House Inn
The Hart House Inn, Thousand Islands, NY
Thousand Islands Country Club
The Thousand Islands Country Club
The Clipper Inn
The Clipper Inn, Clayton, NY
The Boathouse
The Boathouse, Sackets Harbor, NY
Riley's by the River, Alexandria Bay, NY