January 17, 2011

Comfy Cozy Winter Wedding Inspiration

As I look outside at the wonderful snowy landscape before me, I just feel so comfortable and warm in my home.

I also start to think of lovely wintery things for weddings!

Over the past few months, despite my busyness, I was still able to collect a ton of winter inspiration, and I thought today would be a perfect time to share some tidbits with you!

I have always loved plaid...but I know I wouldn't like red in the color palette :P So I love this inspiration board (which also has a violin in it, score!) from The Finer Things. It has a tartan blue and green plaid theme, which is much more applicable to what I'm planning! And with the bf being proud of his Scottish heritage, I think he would love it! :)

Tartan blue and green plaid winter wedding inspiration board.
For some reason I'm lusting after this pretty card box:

Silver swirl present wedding gift box.
It just looks so dainty and pretty! The winter version of a birdcage card box! However I refuse to pay $40 for it...however you do find it from time to time on the Weddingbee Classifieds for less.

Just look at these!

Hot chocolate pops.
Such a cute way to serve hot chocolate! You melt chocolate in ice cube trays and have it cool on sticks. (Full set of instructions are in Giver's Log, because if you don't temper your chocolate properly, they won't look as pretty!) Then you can dip your chocolate pops in candy melts chocolate and add on any embellishments, such as sprinkles, silver dragees, coconut, edible glitter, whatever! Serve your sticks proudly with glasses of hot milk or half and half! Mmmm...

I love the idea of including wood paper into the many paper elements of a wedding, however the wood paper does not come cheap! XP Despite this fact, I can't help but love the woodsy yet modern look of these escort cards from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Martha Stewart wood paper leaf wedding escort cards.
I wonder if you could pull of printing a wood grain on satin-finished paper? Hmmm...something to try one of these days...

I think my friends would beg me not to put hundreds of little snowflakes on toothpicks...but wouldn't it be cute?! Maybe I could wrap the little container with an evergreen branch, so it looks like snow on a tree! :D Martha Stewart would be proud XD

Martha Stewart flower wedding toothpicks.
o.0 On Project Wedding I found the most glamorous snow photographs I have ever seen:

Stunning and glamorous winter wedding bride photograph in the snow.Stunning and glamorous winter wedding bride closeup photograph in the snow.Her makeup.
Her eyes.
So captivating.

You have no idea how badly I want photographs like that o.0

Well, I realized I have wayyy too much winter wedding inspiration for just one post to handle, so I'm going to space it out a bit. I think the wedding blogosphere needs more winter wedding posts anyways :)