April 30, 2010

The Origin of My Champagne Tastes

I wasn't always that into weddings.

I mean, they seemed like fun, big fancy parties where you can wear the most gorgeous dress of your life! (Yeah I kinda have a dress obsession) But I live in Western NY so nothing too flashy was ever in my mind for a wedding.

Well my bf's parent's live in the Thousand Islands area, (Upstate NY) which is absolutely beautiful by the way, and one day we out on a little boating trip...

We passed by many cute little islands and many huge houses on the waterfront, and then we started to pass a castle, in the middle of the river on a heart-shaped island. If you haven't heard of it before, it is called Boldt Castle. And it is stunning.

Aerial of Boldt Castle

His mom had to say "This would be a great place for a wedding..."

DING! went off the little lightbulb in my head. "Yes," I said, "It would be a great place for a wedding..."

I have been obsessed with this wedding locale ever since.