July 29, 2012

So, Whatever Happened To My Miss Boa?

Okay, so I dropped off the face of the earth for a number of reasons, perhaps leaving some of you wondering...what happened to Miss Boa?  Did everything turn out alright?  How was the wedding?!  What did her dress actually look like?!

Miss Boa's faux Weddingbee icon! (Copyright of Christos Georghiou, via purchased license) Well the Miss Boa series shall continue, with bits of posting here and there in between my own wedding planning posts! :D

(It feels so cool to talk about my actual, real-life wedding!!! *squee!*)

Where did we leave off?

Oh yeah, she pretty much planned her entire wedding in two weeks time!  o.0

Miss Boa = planning wizard

Wedding Planning Wizard!

So what was next on her to-do list? --the bridesmaid dresses!

It all started out harmless enough, in order to find a dress we could wear later on, she asked her fellow 'maids what kind of dresses they like, told us what color she wanted, and to help with costs, we could pick dresses from department stores, given that the dress was in everyone's size :P

Well, this turned into a "EVERYONE WANTS TO BE INCLUDED!" message fest, and poor Miss Boa soon had posts pouring in on all sides, and the trouble was, everyone had their own style and ideas!

(Of course, my ideas where the best :D Just kidding!)

Not to mention that the wedding party had three...umm...height-challenged girls, (myself included XD) and two very tall women!  So body types were pretty much across the board here!

This went on for a few days until Miss Boa realized that she would just have to pick the damn dress herself!  Off to Victoria's Bridal Shoppe she went, (since a bridal shop can cater to all dress sizes,) found a lovely black and teal number, sent us a photo, and that was that!  The bridesmaids dress was chosen!

Miss Boa's Black and Teal Strapless Bridesmaid Dress!
A sneak peak at my bridesmaid attire! :D

Now...I'm going to tell you something that I didn't even tell Miss Boa...

I got the dress a size smaller than I should have.


I know!  This is such a bridesmaid no-no!  If you take anything from this post, remember this:

"DON'T get the bridesmaids dress a size smaller and say you'll lose the weight!"

Did I manage to lose the weight?
        Well yes, obviously, or that thing would have never zipped up! XD
Was it a stressful time losing the weight?
        Yeah...it was...
Could this situation have cause a major problem for the wonderful Miss Boa?

Even though I knew I had the time to lose the weight, and it was a fairly reasonable amount to lose, nothing too drastic, there are just so many things that can go wrong that it's still a slippery slope to go down.

But let me tell you, nothing is more motivating than knowing that come hell or high water you're going to have to come to a wedding in that dress!

Trouble losing weight for a bridesmaids dress

Oh! Another thing to take with you:

"Think about the style of dress you are choosing, and if possible, try it on.  See for yourself how your bridesmaids will feel wearing the dress"

As much as I and the other bridesmaids love Miss Boa, this was a hard dress to wear!

As you can see it had an empire waist and a pencil skirt, and it was that combination that prevented us from sitting down properly!  At least we looked fabulous :D and we still were able to get through dinner! lol

The thing was no one realized this would be a problem until we were at the wedding, and it looks perfectly harmless in photos!

So take note brides-to-be!  And bring more comfort to bridesmaids everywhere!