April 30, 2010

The Origin of My Champagne Tastes

I wasn't always that into weddings.

I mean, they seemed like fun, big fancy parties where you can wear the most gorgeous dress of your life! (Yeah I kinda have a dress obsession) But I live in Western NY so nothing too flashy was ever in my mind for a wedding.

Well my bf's parent's live in the Thousand Islands area, (Upstate NY) which is absolutely beautiful by the way, and one day we out on a little boating trip...

We passed by many cute little islands and many huge houses on the waterfront, and then we started to pass a castle, in the middle of the river on a heart-shaped island. If you haven't heard of it before, it is called Boldt Castle. And it is stunning.

Aerial of Boldt Castle

His mom had to say "This would be a great place for a wedding..."

DING! went off the little lightbulb in my head. "Yes," I said, "It would be a great place for a wedding..."

I have been obsessed with this wedding locale ever since.

Time for Introductions and Explanations

Hi there! Welcome to my wedding blog!

I'm Sarah and I want a champagne wedding for a beer wedding budget! However I feel that I couldn't name the blog "I Want A Champagne Wedding" without people expecting me to have a winery/champagne theme, which isn't want I want to accomplish here.

I was inspired to start this blog first and foremost by A $10000 Wedding, where her fun and addicting personality really kept me wanting to read the next post...so much so I spent most of that week reading the entire blog! After just reading the first few posts I thought "Woo hoo! I'm not crazy!!!" I was not the only non-engaged hopeful to poke around the internet, (when the bf isn't looking), to do some serious wedding research, lol.

Fortunately for normal life, and possibly unfortunate for wedding planning, my mother raised me to be a frugal little spender, so I'm determined that when I eventually do get married, I will not spend a fortune if I don't have to. It is just one day after all. The goal for this blog was originally $10k like my inspiration blog, but it only took one wedding budget spreadsheet to completely blow that budget out of the water! In fact I was having the worst trouble just keeping my budget below $18K! D:

So now, I have a challenge: Try to get the wedding budget lowered, at the very least, to a somewhat non-impressive (to me), $15K

Future challenge: Try to get that budget even lower, possibly to the $12K range

Also this blog is basically a channel for me, for now and hopefully for later when I do get engaged, *crosses fingers*, and for all my many wedding thoughts and ideas that have been bouncing around in my head :)