March 1, 2011

An Affordable Wedding Book Every Bride MUST Have

Okay, I checked out the 9th edition of Bridal Bargains from my local library,

Bridal Bargains wedding book, very helpful for saving money on a wedding.
(Great money saving tip: Check out as many recent wedding books and magazines you can from your local library for free!)
read only up to page 40, and I am already thoroughly convinced that I will buy the newest edition if I ever get engaged.

This. book. is. gold.

It's down-to-earth, tells you like it is, no fuss, no games. If you have any intentions on saving money on your wedding budget, YOU MUST HAVE THIS BOOK! Read the whole thing, and then carry it around with you everywhere!

These authors really know what they're talking about, and they mention all the little things that even I wouldn't have thought of, but are fundamentally important, such as using a credit card for all your wedding purchases to protect your investment. Apparently most credit card purchases above $50 or more within certain restrictions are protected by law. I didn't know this, probably due to my lack of a real generic credit card :P But that's another story XD

They also will help you debunk lots of myths the Wedding Industrial Complex wants you to believe in order to help their bottom line. It's harsh but it's true! It will tell you what to avoid and where to go for lots of lovely wedding necessities.

In other words, it's awesome!

But enough of me blabbing about the book's content, go read for yourself!

(Perhaps I should put a disclaimer after each of these almost-an-advertisement posts, no one is paying me for any endorsements you find in my blog, (sadly, lol) this is just my personal, albeit strong, opinion. XD)