December 22, 2010

So...What's On Your Board?

Since I went completely on the other side of the spectrum wedding theme-wise, I feel like explaining the elements in my newest inspiration board.

I'll let you in on the lovely details!

*This post is best enjoyed with a mug of warm hot chocolate* :)

The stunning white winter coat:

A stunning and sophisticated winter wedding coat.

Elegant, classy and comfy...what more could you ask from a winter coat?!

The baby's breath wreath:

An affordable, yet delicate baby's breath wreath.

Pretty and elegant, yet soft and cheap to make. Sounds good to me!

The hanging crystals and candles:

A elegant display of hanging crystals and candles.
(from ??? I was kicking myself for not finding the reference to this pic! DX If anyone knows, I would love to know the site, but when you look at 30+ wedding sites, finding that one little pic is a bit difficult XP)

Because hanging candles would give such a soft glow to the room :)

The lavender snowflake candy:

A lavender winter wedding candy buffet and display.
(from Sweet Designs)

Fancy, purple winter candy = perfect!

The bride with the fuzzy blanket:

A cute and cozy winter wedding bride portrait.
(from Kdog Photographers)

This just looked so cozy, it greatly expresses the feeling I want everyone to have!

The doily chandelier:

Martha Stewart's doily chandelier for wedding decor.

This would be a great way to get a lot of white/snow/texture into the reception room! Since they are just made of paper doilies, a few of these could be constructed and hung from the high beams, drawing the eye up and creating a stunning display!

The gorgeous lily garland:

Martha Stewart's stunning lily garland for wedding decor.

Yes, this looks expensive to make but OMG doesn't it look great! <3 Yes, if I can get the lilies for a decent price I actually do want to make these...

The sugared fruit cake:

Simple but modern sugared fruit wedding cake.
(from Beaux Gateaux Cakes)

because I love sugared fruit!!! And this cake would not be that hard to recreate. White cake + sugared fruit = this cake! :D

The magical sleigh ride:

A pretty and snowy winter wedding inspiration board.
(from Ritzy Bee Blog)

Romantic and different = <3 Can I afford this? Probably not, but a girl can dream! Besides, how else can we leave if the roads are horribly snowy? XD

The snowy bouquet:

A stunning blue and gray winter wedding inspiration board.
(from Snippet and Ink)

Again, elegance with snowy/cozy touches, so pretty! Although recreating something like this could be challenging...

The pretty, creamy cocktail:

A purple, lavender, and white wedding inspiration board.
(from Paper Olive the Blog)

Because you got to have a fantastic signature cocktail! And the lavender garnish is perfect!

The adorable snowflake marshmallows:

Martha Stewart's DIY homemade snowflake marshmallows.

Another great idea from Martha. As long as I can cut the marshmallow without it sticking to the cookie cutter, I'll be golden!

The uber-adorable sweater Save-The-Dates:

Adorable sweater winter wedding save-the-dates.
(from by littlelady7688)

They're different, they're adorable, they're FANTASTIC! WANT! (DIY how-to post to come! :D)

The lovely snowscape kiss:

A gorgeous winter wedding couple photograph outside in the forest.
(from The View Point Inn)

Must. Have. Photos. Like. This.

And that my friends is a breakdown of many bits of loveliness I see in a potential cozy yet elegant winter wedding!

I'm Back Baby!!!

...Hello? ...Anyone still here?


Knew I shouldn't have taken such a long break! XP

Well, I'm back people, done with my Master's!!! :D (That joy hasn't fully sucken in yet,) and soooo happy to be writing about weddings again instead of networking, XD

So, just to get the ball rolling, and get some goodies for my now famished readers, I'll post some drafts I've been working on in the past few months, that just got side-tracked by stronger ideas or events!

Zee first?

"So...What's On Your Board?"

December 10, 2010

Violins Make My Heart Sing

Still chugging away at my final graduate project, but I had to interrupt my diligent work (fairly diligent anyway XP) with another quickie!

See, I was listening to Christmas carols, (because I OMG LOVE!!! Christmas carols,) and I heard one song that I always thought was beautiful, but with all the wedding thoughts in the back of my mind lately, it dawned on me that it would be beautiful song to walk down the aisle to for a winter wedding. (Or any time of year I guess, but it is a Christmas song)

Which just shows how distracted I am by my coursework, because the song is a *slight* variation of Canon in D! Doh! An obvious choice for wedding music, but nevertheless, humor me and let me continue :)

This lovely song is Christmas Canon by the Trans Siberian Orchestra (the tamer version with the singing children):

Whether I had just the mp3 and my computer or a lovely pianist and string quartet, *swoon*, I would cut out the part with the children (they're cute, but it's just not appropriate :) ,) and be left with the piano melody and the heart-stopping beautiful violin part!

See I. Love. String Instruments. To me they are the most beautiful sounding instruments, and I can't get enough of them! Once I'm done with all this classes crap I hope to start lessons again and re-learn how to play the violin!

Since this is a variation of Canon in D, sure, it's on the more traditional side, but it has lovely feel to it, less classical performance, more...uplifting.

Violins just make my heart sing I guess :) So it would be more than fitting for such a crazy-elated moment.

Now imagine the song starts playing, and you're patiently waiting to make your entrance. But you want to walk during the violins, so you wait. Then nice and slow, you start making your way down the aisle, grinning from ear-to-ear because you're surrounded by your most favorite things, the love of your life, all your closest friends and family, and heavenly music! And at the end of the aisle, you meet your sweetheart, which makes you not mind that the glorious sounds stop, because your ceremony is about to begin.

Just perfect.