December 31, 2011

Introducing... Miss Boa!

Since I am a Weddingbee fanatic, I will like to refer to my engaged friend in the proper Weddingbee style, not only because it's crazy fun, :D but also because it helps protect her identity and all that jazz.

She will now be referred to as Miss Boa! (the snake not the feather accessory XD)
Miss Boa's faux Weddingbee icon! (Copyright of Christos Georghiou, via purchased license)(Yes, Miss Boa, I know this is probably a cobra or something, but it was the cutest snake drawing I could find! XD)

Why Miss Boa? Well, Miss Boa is an animal lover, to say the least. She has studied animals extensively during her undergrad career, tended to exotic animals during her trip to Africa, and owns about a dozen different snakes! (Plus a couple rabbits, a lizard or two, a scorpion, a dog, and probably some other pets that I'm forgetting!)

So it made perfect sense that the ring her finace proposed to her with, (which was custom made by the way), was a coil of two snakes surrounding the diamond!!! And the heads are anatomically correct boa snake heads.

That way I could choose "Miss Boa" without insulting her other snakes! XD

Well, now that I have a proper way to reference her, this is the scoop on Miss Boa's wedding plans:

Basically, due to elderly parents, Miss Boa wants to get hitched this summer, leaving about 7 months to plan the whole shindig.

Now add graduate school to the mix and you have a crazy few months of wedding planning! o.0

Good thing she has a VERY enthusiastic (i.e. wedding-crazed) bridal party to help her plan out all the details!

One bridesmaid is getting married this summer as well, another bridesmaid just finished a previous bridesmaid experience, and the man of honor (yes, man of honor), has been studying up on weddings and how to be a proper right hand man for the bride! :D

And ME, (yea for being a bridesmaid!!!) just a crazy girl who is once again focused on weddings! XD

And so, armed with gathered wedding knowledge and advice pouring in from all fronts, Miss Boa prepares for wedding bliss!


December 30, 2011

And Without Further Ado...

...the blog posts shall start again!

I am sooo sorry for not posting sooner, but due to the holidays and the fact that I was having the boyfriend's parents over for Christmas, (Yea relationship progress! lol), I did not have much time to dedicate to reviving the blog.

But I also didn't have much material to work with until now, my lovely engaged friend needed time to develop a basic framework for her wedding!

(And also give me permission to blog about her wedding adventures, lol.)

So now that the basics are in place, let's begin!


December 4, 2011

Blowing Off the Cobwebs

Hello old friends.

It's so strange to be back. It's like I'm looking back into a past life.

But I have good news. A close friend of mine is engaged!!! :D

And you know what that means...


My blog is open for business and up and running again!