January 11, 2012

Weddingbee is IMPOSSIBLE to Catch Up To

EDIT: Okay so Weddingbee hasn't updated their "Miss Bloggers" list yet. XD It appears that there has been a Miss Boa Constrictor since the start of the month! (How strange, at the same time pretty much XD) I've updated the post to reflect that!

As a random detour, I have been reading Weddingbee posts in chronological order in my free time to catch up with all the lovely Bees that I had abandoned last summer for my sanity and wedding-less peace of mind.

(What? You gotta read them in order!)

S-L-O-W-L-Y but surely I got to the end of August, and realized they already had a boa constrictor icon:

Weddingbee's Miss Boa Constrictor icon.XD

That's what I get for coming up with a new icon before I knew what existed!

Good thing it's "Miss Boa" and not "Miss Boa Constrictor"! Plus I like my icon better, tee hee.

Miss Boa's faux Weddingbee icon! (Copyright of Christos Georghiou, via purchased license)At least no bride has claimed that moniker yet, but still I apologize in advance to anyone who gets confused. :P

So recap:

Miss Boa = my awesome engaged friend
Miss Boa Constrictor = one very lucky duck who will someday be is blogging for Weddingbee

Got it? Good :)

Now let's hope there's no "Miss Boa" the fashion accessory in existence XD