October 10, 2012

I Didn't Think It Could Happen...But I Hated the Thought of My Wedding

Hey guys...yeah, I'm not dead, I swear! XP

I just didn't want to keep filling up the blog with negative and whiney blog posts.  Complaining about the costs of wedding dresses, costs of weddings, mostly costs of things XD

But the truth is...

I really hated wedding planning for a while.

*GASP!!!*   Me?!  Hate wedding planning?!  How could this be?!????

Apparently it's different once you really start planning.  A LOT different.

Here, I have the freedom to do whatever my little wedding-obsessed heart desires, because it's all speculation and in good fun <3

But now I need to factor in what my mom thinks, what my grandmother thinks, obviously what my groom thinks XD, what will my guests like or be able to stand...etc.

And when you have strong personalities in your life...it can get really frustrating really fast.  For a while the wedding just made me super depressed and crazy stressed out.  Eloping options were researched XD

And I know I posted last month saying pretty much the same thing, and that I was fine...but oh boy!  What a freaking emotional roller coaster these past couple months have been.

Inside my cray-cray brain, as I get closer to the lovely time-of-month were PMS takes over:

I think I'm okay with spending this much money...it is a wedding after all...
Finance:  "You know we could really use the money to do some renovations on the house..."
Oh God, this is so wasteful, what am I doing?!

(a few days later...)

Well-Meaning Friend:  "You will regret not having a wedding later on in life, go for it!"
Well, if we don't go overboard with wedding extras, it could be doable...you really think so?

(more days pass...)
Well, if we decide to spend the money on a wedding, which venue should I choose?
Grandma:  "Have a list of pros and cons, that always helps me."
*makes list, and in my opinion everything evens out*
Which one do I choose?!? o.0

(many days of pondering go by...)

All I need to do is pick a venue and then I'll be set...
(the phone rings)
Well-Meaning Friend:  "Omg, you should just elope, you're going to want the money later on!"

So instead of this blog turning into "Sarah's Proof of Emotional Instability", I decided to wait until I felt better about the whole thing XD

The whole thing was just really unexpected for me, even though I've seen the proof plastered on every wedding blog in existence, some things you still need to learn firsthand.

So I think I'm better.  I figured out what I wanted, (mostly anyways), and feel like I'm in control again.

All brides with me now, *deep breath*