May 6, 2010

Well Enough About Soaps...

Back to wedding plans!

Here are a few essentials for my wedding, no-questions-asked:

1) The ceremony at Boldt Castle
2) A sit-down meal with food that has some class and detail
3) An open bar
4) Have a reception in the Watertown, NY/Kingston, ON area
5) Light purple as a wedding color

Unfortunately, the sit-down meal, the open bar, and the out-of-town destination will probably increase the budget the most, but I feel they are untouchable for the following reasons:

Why, oh why, a sit-down meal:
I'm a very much a foodie, and so is my bf, we love going out to eat, and we both love cooking! (although my bf does most of cooking these days, :P) My wonderful bf has come up with dishes that he describes as "sirloin steaks with a mushroom and balsamic vinegar cream sauce, with a little touch of thyme and rosemary", sounding like one of the chefs on the Food Network :) So the wedding could not represent us fully if it did not have amazing food, case closed.

Why, oh why, an open bar:
My bf has a heritage of Irish, Scottish, and German. In other words, he was born to drink, lol. So he family, in turn, is too. And his friends? Cheered at the last wedding we went to when the bar came back out after dinner. Yeah...the bar needs to be there XD

And the castle!?:
To be honest, this is my "wow factor" for my wedding, without it, my wedding would be exactly the same as every other run-of-the-mill, church and hotel wedding. I know there are other ways of creating a "wow factor", but ladies, this is a castle we're talking about here! Wouldn't YOU want to be married at a castle if you had the chance?!? I think I've made my point.