June 25, 2011

Farewell For Now

As much as it pains me to write this (since I just started getting decent followers and views!) I just cannot focus on weddings right now, for the sake of my relationship.

I've already put enough mushy-feeling stuff about how being a lady-in-waiting stinks, XD so I'll put in a nutshell:

Focusing on weddings right now, and hoping for my own, will probably make me so upset with my boyfriend that I will leave.

Woah, you might be thinking, what a crazy emotional woman. But this is 2+ years of buildup that I didn't think would last this long.

So I have to deal with it by trying to shift my viewpoint to encourage a healthy environment for a relationship. Which doesn't involve looking at dozens of gorgeous weddings every single day. XD

So until my one friend gets engaged, (since having someone else's wedding to focus on and put energy into is just fine, it has nothing to do with my relationship) I have to stop writing entirely. You guys probably saw this coming from my sad month of not posting, but I think you deserve a written confirmation.

I'm apologize to my readers, but I hope to start up again in a few months. (Hey, who knows? Maybe it will be a week! XD)

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer :( but I hope that when I do come back, it will be full speed ahead! :D

Good luck with all your happy endings,

<3 Sarah

June 14, 2011

Bridal Writer's Block...

So as one could probably tell, I'm a bit uninspired lately in wedding-blog-land. :P

With the realization that I won't be engaged any time soon, with my research reaching the extent of it's reach, and wedding blogs that show, while still gorgeous, breath-taking, and exciting, weddings that I basically already seen.

Being completely immersed in weddings does have it's drawbacks XD

Don't get me wrong, I love many, many elements of all these lovely celebrations, but there's nothing "new" to discover lately, I have seen too many aspects. All lovely variations of good, solid, fun ideas.

Such as:

Mini food!
Grooms cake!
Unique toppers!
Flip flops favors!
Pashmina favors!
Colored shoes!
Purse bouquets!
Hair flowers!
Unique chair decor!
Non-floral centerpieces!
Mood lighting!
Magnet Save-the-Dates!
Hanging ceremony decor!
Creative send-offs!
Unique guestbooks!
Escort cards as favors!
Unique napkin settings!
Signature drinks!

(you get the idea)

All lovely, but I am fairly well-informed of them now. Being unable to pick and choose what variations would work for me just makes everything so...inapplicable to me. Does that make sense? Poor readers, lol.

At least I can say I'm aware of all my options! XD

(Once I get motivation to write, I'll start looking through said list and figuring out what I haven't discussed on the blog yet! Just because I've seen doesn't mean you have :) Thanks for bearing with me!)

June 1, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Just for fun, (because I haven't had a real fun post in a while,) I'd thought I'd post some of the more interesting folders in my wedding inspiration stash:

(Btw storing photos like this does not help you figure out where you got all that lovely inspiration from... XP, but if anyone knows please message me or comment and I'll add the link in right away!)

Small Food Touches -

Who wouldn't want to eat veggies when they're served in such a cute manner?! :D

Vegetables served in shot glasses for a wedding, very fun and very fancy!
These lace drink umbrellas are just. too. adorable!

Pretty and romantic lace drink umbrellas.
My mom will probably kill me for putting up extremely fancy jello shots, but they're so different I can't resist! XD

The fanciest jello shots you will ever find, blackberry flavored.
Lighting and Candles -

I love how just putting the hanging lanterns in a line not only makes a statement, but decorates the high ceilings so well!

A line of hanging lanterns really makes a statement at this wedding reception.
This photo alone makes me wonder about a winery wedding XD

Gorgeous wine bottle candles wedding decoration.
My favorite paper luminaries...they look damn good for DIY!

Very elegant yet easy DIY wedding luminaries.
Small Touches -

I so love these fancy and elegant paper scrolls!

Beautiful paper scrolls for wedding escort cards.
You see the soft and pretty floral centerpiece on the table. What do I see? "OMG those are the cutest napkins ever!!!" XD

A pretty and soft wedding table arrangement, with beautiful flowers for napkin holders.
I don't consider myself whimsical...but I really like these cute banners! <3

Cute and whimsical banner wedding signs!
Hope you enjoyed!