July 20, 2010

Where, Oh Where, Should the Reception Be? Part 1

Sorry for the delay of posting, a mix of being busy and researching for my next series of posts! Venues!!!

As I was, once again, desperately trying to lower the total cost on my budget spreadsheet, I figured the best way was to find a low-cost (but lovely) venue.

As I'm sure many brides-to-be realize, this is easier said than done. XP

Even though the Thousand Island environment is gorgeous, a lot of the indoor spaces leave something to be desired, and online information can be scarce. Also add in the fact that I can't call anyone yet because I would just be wasting the venue's time... This leads to a LOT of frustration on my end.


What I'm looking for ideally would be something close to Boldt Castle, on the US side, and looks presentable. Remember one of the tips I collected from a recent wedding: "Pick a venue that is already has tons of character!"

So being very determined, :) I managed to find a few decent ones:

Clayton Opera House -

A wedding at the Clayton Opera House.

- 8 hours in the Performance Hall = $375
- Standard lighting, mic, and CD player setup are included
- Nothing else is there, need lots of rentals
- Banquet tables = $5 each
- Round 5ft tables = $5 each
- Grey metal chairs = $0.50 each
- Grand piano = $50

The Clayton Opera House view of the first floor and balcony.

Rental fee = $375
(12) Round tables = $60
(5) Banquet tables = $25
(2 for head table, cake table, gift table, placecard table)
(100) Chairs = $50
Piano = $50
Total furniture rental fees = $560

Not including catering, dishes, linens, etc.

- it is a beautiful space!
- it is unique and kinda really me! (I love musicals and theatre! :D)
- it has character!
- the rental fee is cheap
- we could save money on alcohol by buying our own

- lots of restrictions on events (no real flower petals, no open flame on site, etc.)
- a lot is expected of the renter, setup, cleanup, coordination of caterer, etc.
- everything needs to be brought into the space, tables, chairs, linens, food, some decor, etc.
- would have to pay extra to have all the guests transported to the reception
- there are no waterfront views in a theater :P

More lovelies to come soon!