April 11, 2011

100 Posts People! Break Out the Champagne!

Oh, My, Goodness, I can't believe I've reached the 100 post mark! I am so proud of this blog and so happy to see I have some people who (apparently) actually read it! XD lol

My 100th blog entry for I Want Wedding Champagne!So I thought I would do something fun for those who do read my blog, and post some oldies but goodies posts that you may have missed due to the newness of my blog at the start, almost one year ago!

-My in-depth analysis of the feasibility of an iPod reception:

-My detailed tutorial of how to make your very own DIY wedding bouquet!

-Valuable tips I learned from attending a friend's wedding!

-Anyone who knows me knows I love cake, so here are the best ways to top your lovely cake or cupcakes, and all the lovely choices you have for the sweet confection!

-Thousand Island brides, don't despair! Here's my Thousand Island venue search series! First, Second, Third, and Fourth posts!

-Some great rules to plan and live by.

-The cost of renting versus the cost buying your own!

-And of course, my David Tutera - My Fair Wedding Phantom series! See all posts here!