April 12, 2011

Wedding Postage Woes Fixed With the New Forever Stamp!

Yes, yes, I know. The Forever USPS postage stamps presently have the Liberty Bell on them, and while iconic, probably aren't pretty enough for your colored envelopes and carefully constructed invitations!

But wait! Coming on the 21st, a new breed of Forever Stamps will emerge!

Presenting: the Wedding Roses Forever Stamp!

The new Forever USPS postage stamp, with white wedding roses.What does this mean for brides? Or ladies-in-waiting even?

Well, if you buy these lovelies in bulk quantities on the 21st for $0.44 each, then even if you're planning your wedding for 2014, (or waiting another who-knows-how-many years for your sweetheart to propose,) these babies will still coverage your postage on any one ounce letter, (such as your thank you letters and RSVP envelopes,) no matter how much postage goes up in that time period!

As many married women know all too well, postage adds up. With the inflated guest list comes inflated multiples of Save-the-Dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you letters, all of which need postage.

Now, unfortunately I couldn't find any reliable statements out there about using more than one forever stamp for envelopes that weigh more than one ounce. But for the sake of argument let's say you can get away with 2 of them for your Save-the-Dates and invitations.

So you're inviting 100 guests. Right now, the stamps are $0.44. In 2014, pretend the stamp prices have increased to $0.50.

Cost for Forever stamps now = $264
Cost for estimated stamps in 2014 = $300
Total potential saved = $36

Now, $36 in the scheme of the wedding budget may not seem like much, but $36 saved is $36 saved! :D

And we all know that postage prices will continue to rise, given the trends of the past several years.

So the point is, (if you can use two Forever stamps to cover your invitations and Save-the-Dates,) why wouldn't you buy them now?!

One good reason: "The best made plans of mice and men often go awry."

In other words, your intimate 50 person wedding in your mind may escalate to 100 or even more, given family pressures and whatnot. So you purchased only half the amount of stamps you need, and still need to pay extra.

BUT you still are saving some money, if not the amount you originally wanted to.

And if you buy too many for you to ever possibly use? Well now you can send all your letters/bills/etc. for a cheaper price than the present postage costs, and they look pretty to boot! XD

So, I guess this is to say to presently engaged and thrifty women: Buy these on the 21st before postage goes up again!!!

Edit: I have received some great postage information from a reader, and here is the scoop on postage for wedding invitations:

Starting on April 17th:
"1st class, 2 oz - $0.64 (previously $0.61)
1st class, 2 oz - odd size* - $0.84 (previously $0.81)
1st class, 3 oz - $0.84 (previously $0.78)
1st class, 3.5 oz - $1.04 (previously $0.95)
1st class, 4 oz - $1.48 (previously $1.39)
Postcards, 1 oz - $.29 (previously $0.28)"
And the new Forever stamp can be used for 1 oz mailings.