May 18, 2010

To DJ or Not to DJ?

As I was thinking of any way I could possibly cut the budget down a few thousand, XP, I wondered, do I really need a DJ? I looked into a few articles about this very subject, and many sources (quite a few of them DJ sites,) say yes, it will make your life easier.

One post from Raleigh Wedding Ideas states that it depends on what you want for the mood of the reception. If you just want music running and few announcements, (what I'm looking for,) then an Ipod setup and designated sound person should work. If you want "all-night dance fest with lights, effects, and an emcee to keep the energy up," (what my bf may want,) "then yes, you need a DJ." Also in the post are helpful hints if you're going the DIY route.

On a more cautionary note, another article, "To DJ or not to DJ: Why an “iPod Wedding is a Bad Idea," (btw I swear I didn't take the title from this XD) warns brides of the many issues with the diy DJ route:

1) Unless you already have a great sound system, you'll have to rent one. Also you'll need a backup ipod.

- Well it's a good thing my bf does own a great sound system then! And we also have many tech-savvy friends, an extra ipod should not be a problem.

2) You'll need someone to "run" the Ipod and "guard" the equipment.

- As long as we have a nice mixed up order to our songs, have someone cue the songs for the dances and pause at the proper times, and put it out of the way, I don't see how this is too much of an issue.

3) You'll need lighting equipment for a proper ambiance.

- I could live without it. (bf might again, be another story)

4) You'll need wireless microphones.

- These can be rented and might even be included with the venue, depending.

5) What if you rented gear breaks down?

- DJs really know how to repair equipment? Just kidding, they may have backup equipment for such an occasion, so this is a reasonable warning.

6) You'll have to transport it and set it up.

- As a penny-pinching, diy bride, I'll have to set up a LOT of things...this is where I get help from willing (hopefully XP) family and friends.

7) The family member/friend helping may not have such a great time, and you may have to pay them.

- This would be discussed with said family member or friend, and if there is a big issue finding someone willing to help, well I guess we'll need a DJ then. But it's not like I would force anyone to do it...

8) They have liability insurance in case the equipment burns the place down.

- Even though this sounds very much like my mother, lol, it is a very good point.

9) You may have to purchase the music you want.

- My bf's and my sister's music selection are so ridiculously large that I don't forsee buying more than a couple songs at the most.

10) An Ipod does not blend the songs together, and this may cause awkward moments on the dance floor.

- Very true, but a determined tech-savvy girl like me can find a program that would blend the songs together! :D May not be at the proper places, (i.e. sounds horrible for a second or two,) but perhaps it would be better than awkward silences? :P

11) DJs keep the reception organized and time the events well.

- If I find the right person to help, and make it very, very simple to follow our instructions, then I think I could pull it off. Hmmm, I'm thinking said person has many alarms on his/her phone, on vibrate, so they can tell when they should be doing something, lol.

In my opinion, there shouldn't be too many "events" that will have to be announced extravagantly. The first dance, toasts, father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, etc, yeah, they need to be announced, but what does it matter if an attending friend does it or not? I don't need a show, I just need an announcement. *shrugs*

Also I feel that my bf and I, with a bit of input, could put together a fun and generally pleasing music list for the reception. I mean we're both reasonable people, it's not like we're going to bore or bother the hell out of the guests with one type of very narrowly liked music.

But I'll be honest, there will be at least a few unique songs very much favored by the bride or groom, lol. (Hey it's our wedding, the guests can handle 1 or 2 songs that represent us, :D)

Bottom line: If my bf feels the same way I do about this, we could possibly make it work. Otherwise, I'll be searching for a somewhat-reasonably priced DJ...