August 21, 2010

The Tastiest Flowers...

...are made of cupcakes! :D

A cupcake bouquet wedding centerpiece.
Thanks to Ms. Locket from good ol' WeddingBee, another adorable idea comes forth!

(Not to mention that Ms. Locket is a central New York gal, :) love hearing about the rest of New York state for a change! It's not just New York City people!)

Too bad the cupcakes are just too casual for the shindig I'm planning...

Or I would so do it :D

Speaking of tasty flowers, I have been bouncing around the idea of including fresh edible flowers into the mix: in drinks, on desserts, etc.

In addition, purchasing or learning how to make gum paste flowers for the cake.

There is a great site for affordable sugar flowers, Most of the flowers are just around $1, and they look fantastic!

Affordable white sugar Cattleya orchid.Affordable purple Cymbidium sugar orchid.Affordable white and lavender Cymbidium sugar orchid.

(I have an unhealthy fascination with orchids lately...they're expensive! They are a fundmental budget no-no...more on that later)

Fresh edible flowers online are a bit harder to find. Most sites suggest you either grow your own (and never, ever use any pesticides on them,) or get them from local farmer's markets.

But I have found some places online that sell them, some even for a decent price:

Sid Wainer & Son, 50 pansies for $18, plus required overnight shipping. Turned out to be $36 for my location:

Edible pansies used for garnish.
Sid Wainer & Son, 50 edible orchids for $16! But if you get 100 of them they are only $68 total with ship!

Edible orchid heads used for garnish
(also available 100 for $78 at Marx Foods.)

The Chef's Warehouse
, 50 Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup for $31.50:

A wild hibiscus flower in champagne.
I love these because Mrs. Cola mentioned they looked like Seymour from the musical Little Shop of Horrors! 8D Anything to get a musical reference in, lol!

Sid Wainer & Son again!, 50 lavender wands for $13, $49 total with ship:

Edible lavender stalks used for garnish.
And if you don't care what type of flower you get,
Marx Foods has 400-600 assorted flowers for just $61!!! 8D

Affordable assorted edible flowers for garnish.
for that price I would just buy them and pick out the purple ones! XD

Overall, great fancy touches for your already tasty wedding noms :)