April 26, 2011

I Am A Wedding Schizophrenic.

Hey guys,

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but I found myself slightly uninspired (soon to be fixed by the Royal Wedding coming up soon...)

So I decided to organize all that wedding inspiration I have been saving up the past year and place it into neatly organized folders, with the potential to go onto Google Docs so I would have access to my stuff from anywhere!

Once I was done, I wondered where my focus for wedding planning was going, so I opened up each folder and looked at the elements I had...

And I found out something slightly troubling...

I'm a wedding schizophrenic. XD

With each category of wedding planning, the dress, the flowers, the decor, the invitations, I had at least three or more major themes.

Obviously, I'm already confused with the winter vs. summer wedding, and that doesn't help matters.

With winter, I'm showing a more nature-oriented and rustic look:

A wonderfully rustic winter pinecone wedding bouquet.A hexagon sugared fruit wedding cake.Hanging leaves wall decor.Cinnamon candles.A textured a-line wedding dress with flowers.

But the summer one is still having an identity crisis...

I don't know if I want more modern, elegant and sleek look:

An elegant and simple white tulip wedding bouquet.A modern wedding cake with chocolate roses.Modern flower chair decor.Modern and elegant luminaries and table numbers.A stunning spring or summer wedding dress with flower appliques.

Or a detailed, lush, romantic, girly affair:

A lush purple wedding bouquet.A traditional wedding cake with square tiers and interesting texture.A stunning crystal wedding ceremony backdrop.Small affordable chandelier.Absolutely stunning beaded ballgown wedding dress.

I seem to approve of both ends of the spectrum! XD

I'm sure this wedding confusion is not going to end for a while, not until I start actually plotting out the nitty gritty details, and a focus starts to appear from my now blurry daydreams...

But until then, I guess being prepared for anything is a good thing, right?!