March 7, 2011

The Wedding Everyone Is Talking About...

I guess it would be kinda silly not to post about one of the most anticipated weddings of this year--Kate and William's Royal Wedding.

Prince William and Kate Middleton cute couple photo.I have to say I am very interested in this and will be watching, my mom always had an interest in Princess Diana so I'm curious to see what her son's wedding day will be like.

I can't help but wonder though, how Kate, I mean "Catherine", is handling all the publicity and public opinions about their big day.

I first saw it on Martha Stewart The Bride's Guide... "If I were Kate, I would/should choose a classic wedding dress, with clean lines..." Well, you're not Kate. Why are you choosing something for her? She seems very capable of choosing herself!

A stylish Kate Middleton and Prince William.
I have to say, I love her style too :)
I've also seen opinions on all sorts of aspects of their wedding, how their cake should look, what flowers she should have, how many people the couple should be allowed to invite?!, etc, and it's just seems so strange to me.

Perhaps it's just due to the fact that I'm not really engaged yet and that every bride goes through this...but I'm sure Kate's on a bigger scale than most of us. :)

I mean a future mother-in-law is one thing, but the Queen of England is most definitely another! o.0 I can see how Kate could be easily pushed aside to make room for what a royal wedding "should be".

Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding photo.
Gorgeous for Diana...but most likely not for Kate...
I'm not saying they are a weak couple and won't make their voice known when they want to, I just hope Kate, (and William too!) get the things they want most on their wedding day.

And that's my two cents :)