April 28, 2011

As If You Needed Another Reminder...


...just in case you haven't heard, the Royal Wedding is tomorrow morning!!!

It officially starts at 3am EST, however I found this Guy's Guide to the Royal Wedding to be a very helpful article that will save you some sleep while still enabling you to see all the lovely details. (What? I have a job to go to in the morning! XP)

According to the article, the wedding doesn't officially start until 6am EST, and the previous footage will be guests arriving at Westminster Abbey!

Now I know some people are interested in what the Queen's wearing and whatnot, but can't you see that in the highlights??? I sure can for 3 extra hours of sleep!

So, if you have a 9-5 job like me, go to bed early tonight, turn on the TV at 6am, watch as much as you can before leaving work, then catch the rest of the details throughout the day until your wedding bug is satisfied!

Royal Wedding highlights/thoughts/reflection/complements post to come tomorrow!