July 9, 2010

Inspiration Board Attempt #1

I thought for some fun I would try making my own inspiration board...

WOW. There are sooo many purple wedding photos! 8D Now I know why some bloggers call it "wedding porn," I couldn't stop looking at them!!!

"Just one more photo"
"Just one more photo"
(repeat :P)

So this kinda took me a while, considering I had over 50 picture favs to choose from! XD

So to whittle down the choices, I tried to sum up this explosion of purple everything...

I wanted to include the obvious charm of Boldt Castle, but I wanted modern touches as well, (nothing too overally frilly in other words,) so I came up with a lame, but acceptable "purple sophisticated romance".

My first purple wedding, Boldt Castle inspired, inspiration board.
(click to enlarge)

Pretty, isn't it?! :D