June 14, 2011

Bridal Writer's Block...

So as one could probably tell, I'm a bit uninspired lately in wedding-blog-land. :P

With the realization that I won't be engaged any time soon, with my research reaching the extent of it's reach, and wedding blogs that show, while still gorgeous, breath-taking, and exciting, weddings that I basically already seen.

Being completely immersed in weddings does have it's drawbacks XD

Don't get me wrong, I love many, many elements of all these lovely celebrations, but there's nothing "new" to discover lately, I have seen too many aspects. All lovely variations of good, solid, fun ideas.

Such as:

Mini food!
Grooms cake!
Unique toppers!
Flip flops favors!
Pashmina favors!
Colored shoes!
Purse bouquets!
Hair flowers!
Unique chair decor!
Non-floral centerpieces!
Mood lighting!
Magnet Save-the-Dates!
Hanging ceremony decor!
Creative send-offs!
Unique guestbooks!
Escort cards as favors!
Unique napkin settings!
Signature drinks!

(you get the idea)

All lovely, but I am fairly well-informed of them now. Being unable to pick and choose what variations would work for me just makes everything so...inapplicable to me. Does that make sense? Poor readers, lol.

At least I can say I'm aware of all my options! XD

(Once I get motivation to write, I'll start looking through said list and figuring out what I haven't discussed on the blog yet! Just because I've seen doesn't mean you have :) Thanks for bearing with me!)