June 1, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Just for fun, (because I haven't had a real fun post in a while,) I'd thought I'd post some of the more interesting folders in my wedding inspiration stash:

(Btw storing photos like this does not help you figure out where you got all that lovely inspiration from... XP, but if anyone knows please message me or comment and I'll add the link in right away!)

Small Food Touches -

Who wouldn't want to eat veggies when they're served in such a cute manner?! :D

Vegetables served in shot glasses for a wedding, very fun and very fancy!
These lace drink umbrellas are just. too. adorable!

Pretty and romantic lace drink umbrellas.
My mom will probably kill me for putting up extremely fancy jello shots, but they're so different I can't resist! XD

The fanciest jello shots you will ever find, blackberry flavored.
Lighting and Candles -

I love how just putting the hanging lanterns in a line not only makes a statement, but decorates the high ceilings so well!

A line of hanging lanterns really makes a statement at this wedding reception.
This photo alone makes me wonder about a winery wedding XD

Gorgeous wine bottle candles wedding decoration.
My favorite paper luminaries...they look damn good for DIY!

Very elegant yet easy DIY wedding luminaries.
Small Touches -

I so love these fancy and elegant paper scrolls!

Beautiful paper scrolls for wedding escort cards.
You see the soft and pretty floral centerpiece on the table. What do I see? "OMG those are the cutest napkins ever!!!" XD

A pretty and soft wedding table arrangement, with beautiful flowers for napkin holders.
I don't consider myself whimsical...but I really like these cute banners! <3

Cute and whimsical banner wedding signs!
Hope you enjoyed!