June 25, 2011

Farewell For Now

As much as it pains me to write this (since I just started getting decent followers and views!) I just cannot focus on weddings right now, for the sake of my relationship.

I've already put enough mushy-feeling stuff about how being a lady-in-waiting stinks, XD so I'll put in a nutshell:

Focusing on weddings right now, and hoping for my own, will probably make me so upset with my boyfriend that I will leave.

Woah, you might be thinking, what a crazy emotional woman. But this is 2+ years of buildup that I didn't think would last this long.

So I have to deal with it by trying to shift my viewpoint to encourage a healthy environment for a relationship. Which doesn't involve looking at dozens of gorgeous weddings every single day. XD

So until my one friend gets engaged, (since having someone else's wedding to focus on and put energy into is just fine, it has nothing to do with my relationship) I have to stop writing entirely. You guys probably saw this coming from my sad month of not posting, but I think you deserve a written confirmation.

I'm apologize to my readers, but I hope to start up again in a few months. (Hey, who knows? Maybe it will be a week! XD)

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer :( but I hope that when I do come back, it will be full speed ahead! :D

Good luck with all your happy endings,

<3 Sarah