May 9, 2011

Great Accessories Sale on Groupon!

Hey my lovely readers, do you have your accessories for your wedding day ensemble yet?

Well I would highly recommend looking at Send the Trend, which has a Groupon deal going on now for 3 accessories for $30!

This is a great deal considering every accessory is priced at $29.99 to begin with! :D

Just watch out for the monthly accessories service...if you sign up for it they will charge you $29.99 a month unless you tell the site to "skip a month" before the 5th of the month. Now I don't know about you, but I would forget to do this...frequently. XP But it is just an option for you after purchasing the 3 accessories, so as long as you opt out, there should be no problems!

Here are some of my recommendations:

If you mother wants pearls, but your a bit more of a modern girl, this Mallory Opalescent Cage Cuff seems to be a wonderful compromise! Classic yet fun, and a great way to bring some bling to your look!

A stunning silver pearl and crystal bracelet from Send the Trend.
There were so many earrings that I loved, but I have to say these two were my favorites--

Again, another fun play on pearls, modern pearl earring clusters!

Fun Kavita Pearl Cluster earrings from Send the Trend.
And some classic crystal earrings that are so wonderfully elegant!

Elegant Lea Crystal earrings from Send the Trend.
If you have a more casual look, or want a very understated necklace, this Virginia Love Necklace is just too cute to pass up!

A very cute Virginia Love heart necklace from Send the Trend.
Also, this headband seems to have enough sparkle for a wedding hairpiece, yet is understated, for those who would rather nix the tiara!

A pretty and subtle Nicole Ivory headband from Send the Trend.
So as you can see, Send the Trend seems to cater to a variety of tastes, I would recommend checking them out--you never know what you'll find!

Happy shopping! <3

(As a side note, Send the Trend and Groupon gave me nothing for doing this post, this is just my thrifty opinion!)