March 13, 2011

How to Get A Phantom Wedding Like David Tutera's My Fair Wedding: Wedding Dress

(Sorry for the delay in posting, I just got a new job, so there was a lot of agonizing waiting and stress beforehand! XP)

Now that your ladies are all pretty, it's time for the bride to find a gorgeous dress!

Step 8: Find a wedding dress.

Now, I'll be honest, the wedding dress David Tutera picked for this Phantom bride was a pretty classic, elegant ballgown. Nothing that was too couture or out there, which makes it really easy to find a nice dress that fits the Phantom wedding.

Again, I'm going to look for dresses from the always-affordable ebay, to insure that any bride can purchase one for herself!

(Obviously, this isn't a full, complete list of any sort, given how many dresses exist out there! It is just a few that caught my eye!)

If you want generally the same feel as the TV show, you need similar pickups in the front of the dress, like this ballgown for $179:

A stunning wedding dress with unique pickups in the front.or even this more classic a-line dress for $175:

A classic a-line wedding gown with pickups in the front.The next two ballgowns are soo romantic, they fit in just perfectly, especially the dress with the lovely gold coloring! *ack I die!*

A delicately pretty ballgown for $159.98:

A delicate yet stunning ballgown wedding dress.And a detailed gold ballgown for $179:

An amazingly detailed embroidered gold cream ballgown wedding dress.If you're the kind to want to completely become Christine Daae, then this era-fitting ballgown for $350 is just the thing you need:

An old era, vintage, long sleeve lace ballgown wedding dress.This one just reminds me of the dress Christine wears when she's singing "Think of Me" onstage, a romantic floral ballgown for $168:

A romantic, floral ballgown wedding dress.Finally, if you want a more modern twist on the Phantom, then this statement dress for $188 is just the thing:

A modern take on an elegant ballgown wedding dress.
*drool* So many pretty ballgowns, so little time! XD

Cost for wedding dress = $159.98 - $350

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