December 22, 2010

So...What's On Your Board?

Since I went completely on the other side of the spectrum wedding theme-wise, I feel like explaining the elements in my newest inspiration board.

I'll let you in on the lovely details!

*This post is best enjoyed with a mug of warm hot chocolate* :)

The stunning white winter coat:

A stunning and sophisticated winter wedding coat.

Elegant, classy and comfy...what more could you ask from a winter coat?!

The baby's breath wreath:

An affordable, yet delicate baby's breath wreath.

Pretty and elegant, yet soft and cheap to make. Sounds good to me!

The hanging crystals and candles:

A elegant display of hanging crystals and candles.
(from ??? I was kicking myself for not finding the reference to this pic! DX If anyone knows, I would love to know the site, but when you look at 30+ wedding sites, finding that one little pic is a bit difficult XP)

Because hanging candles would give such a soft glow to the room :)

The lavender snowflake candy:

A lavender winter wedding candy buffet and display.
(from Sweet Designs)

Fancy, purple winter candy = perfect!

The bride with the fuzzy blanket:

A cute and cozy winter wedding bride portrait.
(from Kdog Photographers)

This just looked so cozy, it greatly expresses the feeling I want everyone to have!

The doily chandelier:

Martha Stewart's doily chandelier for wedding decor.

This would be a great way to get a lot of white/snow/texture into the reception room! Since they are just made of paper doilies, a few of these could be constructed and hung from the high beams, drawing the eye up and creating a stunning display!

The gorgeous lily garland:

Martha Stewart's stunning lily garland for wedding decor.

Yes, this looks expensive to make but OMG doesn't it look great! <3 Yes, if I can get the lilies for a decent price I actually do want to make these...

The sugared fruit cake:

Simple but modern sugared fruit wedding cake.
(from Beaux Gateaux Cakes)

because I love sugared fruit!!! And this cake would not be that hard to recreate. White cake + sugared fruit = this cake! :D

The magical sleigh ride:

A pretty and snowy winter wedding inspiration board.
(from Ritzy Bee Blog)

Romantic and different = <3 Can I afford this? Probably not, but a girl can dream! Besides, how else can we leave if the roads are horribly snowy? XD

The snowy bouquet:

A stunning blue and gray winter wedding inspiration board.
(from Snippet and Ink)

Again, elegance with snowy/cozy touches, so pretty! Although recreating something like this could be challenging...

The pretty, creamy cocktail:

A purple, lavender, and white wedding inspiration board.
(from Paper Olive the Blog)

Because you got to have a fantastic signature cocktail! And the lavender garnish is perfect!

The adorable snowflake marshmallows:

Martha Stewart's DIY homemade snowflake marshmallows.

Another great idea from Martha. As long as I can cut the marshmallow without it sticking to the cookie cutter, I'll be golden!

The uber-adorable sweater Save-The-Dates:

Adorable sweater winter wedding save-the-dates.
(from by littlelady7688)

They're different, they're adorable, they're FANTASTIC! WANT! (DIY how-to post to come! :D)

The lovely snowscape kiss:

A gorgeous winter wedding couple photograph outside in the forest.
(from The View Point Inn)

Must. Have. Photos. Like. This.

And that my friends is a breakdown of many bits of loveliness I see in a potential cozy yet elegant winter wedding!