September 16, 2010

It's A Good Thing I'm On A Break...

...because I think I have gone crazy. A few times. And been crazy busy. But in a nutshell, my wedding thoughts have done a complete 360.

Maybe it's because of the change in the weather.
Maybe it's because I've done wayy too much research for one kind of wedding.
Maybe it's because my mom's insistence of contemplating a Western NY wedding has gotten into my head.

Whatever it was, now I'm thinking...

Western NY winter wedding.

In January.

At the Timberlodge Banquet Center. (My mom wanted me to look up Western NY I had my favorite already picked out.)

The interior of the Timberlodge Banquet Facility at the Arrowhead Golf Club.
Some explanation of the madness:

If the whole Boldt Castle thing doesn't work out and I "have" to do a local wedding, I would want to do it Buffalo-style, all out wintery, snowy goodness! The bf and I love winter so it would work out great for us!

So that means white/silver/crystal/light blue color scheme. (with some pale purple of course!)

That means hot cocoa, mulled cider, and comfort food.

That means candles, fireplaces, and cuddling under warm blankets.

THAT MEANS SNOWFLAKES!!! (I love snowflakes! XD)

"Wait a second," I thought, "I kinda like this"


So, when I have more time, I might be posting winter wedding insanity for the holidays XD

Til then,

Sarah out!