December 10, 2010

Violins Make My Heart Sing

Still chugging away at my final graduate project, but I had to interrupt my diligent work (fairly diligent anyway XP) with another quickie!

See, I was listening to Christmas carols, (because I OMG LOVE!!! Christmas carols,) and I heard one song that I always thought was beautiful, but with all the wedding thoughts in the back of my mind lately, it dawned on me that it would be beautiful song to walk down the aisle to for a winter wedding. (Or any time of year I guess, but it is a Christmas song)

Which just shows how distracted I am by my coursework, because the song is a *slight* variation of Canon in D! Doh! An obvious choice for wedding music, but nevertheless, humor me and let me continue :)

This lovely song is Christmas Canon by the Trans Siberian Orchestra (the tamer version with the singing children):

Whether I had just the mp3 and my computer or a lovely pianist and string quartet, *swoon*, I would cut out the part with the children (they're cute, but it's just not appropriate :) ,) and be left with the piano melody and the heart-stopping beautiful violin part!

See I. Love. String Instruments. To me they are the most beautiful sounding instruments, and I can't get enough of them! Once I'm done with all this classes crap I hope to start lessons again and re-learn how to play the violin!

Since this is a variation of Canon in D, sure, it's on the more traditional side, but it has lovely feel to it, less classical performance, more...uplifting.

Violins just make my heart sing I guess :) So it would be more than fitting for such a crazy-elated moment.

Now imagine the song starts playing, and you're patiently waiting to make your entrance. But you want to walk during the violins, so you wait. Then nice and slow, you start making your way down the aisle, grinning from ear-to-ear because you're surrounded by your most favorite things, the love of your life, all your closest friends and family, and heavenly music! And at the end of the aisle, you meet your sweetheart, which makes you not mind that the glorious sounds stop, because your ceremony is about to begin.

Just perfect.