July 6, 2010

Some More Blog Love...

Happy belated Fourth of July to all!!!

Okay, so I've kinda been a WeddingBee whore lately, so let's give some love to the other blogs I mentioned in my award post!

Landlocked Bride found some dress inspiration from Dog n’ Bird, and it is a wonderful find! The design on the lining of the dress is so deliciously different, if only there was a simple way of doing this on your own! (Without going crazy anyway XP)

Unique and stunning wedding dress with a blue leaf design underneath!
*drools* ...oh, sorry, on to the next!

An older DIY post on Elizabeth Anne Designs had a candle set up that reminded me of one of my all-time favorite musicals...Phantom of the Opera!!!

A romantic display of dozens of candles.
Image by Jessica Claire

If you have seen this musical and/or love it as much as I do, you can see the appeal :D The setup and take-down of this lovely lighting? A bit of a hassle...(transporting over 30 fragile vases, not so fun) but could be worth it in the right set of circumstances :)

Hopefully no one minds the great influx of wedding inspiration pics lately :)