June 9, 2010

Oh How I Do Love Shoes...

Okay, since I fell in love with yesterday's wedding photo, I have tried to find the perfect pair of bright purple shoes for me and my wedding party...

And realized holy crap, cute purple wedding shoes are hard to find!

Most purple shoes either:

Have a really high heel
purple strappy shoe with high heels
Suede and studded purple high heel shoe
Purple shoe with rose embellishment
Look hideous to me
Alice in Wonderland lilac plastic shoe
purple high heel shoe with ruffles
Are not the right shade of purple
Lilac shoe

Another bride on WeddingBee had this issue too in 2008, (after reading some of her posts, I found that she loves purple too...hmmm I can feel an immense amount of blog reading coming on...) and I will post it for your enjoyment here!

I am happy to report that she does end up finding a lovely, affordable, and practical pair of shoes!

I have found a style or two that I liked, but either have been discontinued or only in a couple sizes...
Like these ):
Lilac shoe with kitten heel
and these D':

Strappy purple shoe with a lower heel
Well, it looks like I will leave this as a challenge for later because availability seems to be so fickle...

At least the shoe shopping is always fun :D


Anonymous said...

i just remembered!!!!

you can dye your shoe to the color you want!!

at david's bridal you can pick any of their shoes and they are all white and they will dye it to your dress!! exact color or w/e you want. so you don't have to find the purple you are looking for...

Sarah said...

Well, this is true, however I did some research about dyed shoes, which I think I will post to explain!

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