June 13, 2010

Be Wary of the Allure of Dyed-To-Match-Shoes...

While looking for colorful footwear, the idea of dyed-to-match shoes did catch my eye! (and mentioned by a friend in my comments! :D)

So many styles to choose from, and any color I want! :D Sounds great right?

But then I started doing a little bit more research...

Apparently dyed shoes and water do not mix.

Suggestions for Choosing Dyeable Shoes:

"Dyed shoes are not weatherproof. They may run or stain if the weather does not cooperate. To reduce the chance that your shoes will run if it rains, apply a coat of water repellant, but don’t expect them to be completely waterproof. If your shoes get wet, reapply the water repellant."

Dyeable Bridal Shoes - Things to Consider:

"Moisture of any type will ruin the shoes for the day. (Can be re-dyed but will tie-dye when moisture comes in contact with the shoes.)"

"There is no protection that will keep water out. (Protection will also keep you from dyeing your shoes at a later time another or the same color.)"

Dyeable Wedding Shoes – Should You Do It?:

"The truth is that most of the horror stories that are based in dyed bridal shoes are the result of ignorance- people don’t bother learning about dyeing beforehand. As a result, they are often left to deal with a number of unfortunate incidents on their wedding day. Legions of brides and bridesmaids have ruined their shoes and sometimes even their dresses because the dye got wet. This is usually what happens during outdoor weddings."

"First of all, water is not your friend. When it comes to dyed wedding shoes, there is absolutely no way that you can protect them from moisture. Furthermore, any kind of moisture will ruin them- though you can re-dye these shoes again, you’ll usually end up with a tie-dye sort of pattern. So if the wedding is an outdoor one, this is something you should probably consider. Remember that even the sprinkler system or some morning dew can spell disaster for your shoes."

About Dyeing:

"Shoe dye is water soluble. That means that dyed shoes, when exposed to heavy moisture, will bleed or stain. We strongly suggest you do not wear your dyed shoes in the rain. However, if you must, we recommend you use a water repellent spray to, at the very least, minimize bleeding or staining."

So I guess

boats + dyed shoes
= potential disaster

As I dug deeper, I heard about a trick one can do to keep them from running -- use Scotchgard. (Weddingbee post here)

Was this true? I had to look further...but it looks like Scotchgard is just another fancy word for water repellant...

Link for yes:

"It is recommended that the dyed shoes are waterproofed using a scotch guard spray and Scotch guarding can be done very easily at home."

Link for no:

"Our dyes are not water-fast so customers mustn't get bags or shoes wet. A dyed shoe or bag can be made water resistant by spraying with Scotchguard or other silicon treatment, but cannot be re-dyed afterwards."

Link for maybe:

"We strongly recommend you opt for Scotchgard as this helps to prevent the dye from running especially if the shoes are worn in rain or on damp grass etc. (we don't recommend dyed shoes be worn in rain anyway!) You can do this yourself - make sure to wipe the 'sock' and sole immediately after spraying."

With the research given, unless I'm really desperate, I think it is wise for me to stick to the already-colored shoes...


Anonymous said...

oh sweetie...i could have told you that...i have my own horror story..lol.

but it is something to keep in mind. if your wedding is indoors...and if any part of it is outside its on some kind of patio and dance floor...you should have no problem!

i just suggested it b/c it will be easier to get the color you want and the type of shoe. also i think you want the castle..and i assumed the castle was indoors.

now my horror story involves my bat mizvah.

we dyed my ballet slippers (since i was 13 my mom thought it would be better if i didnt wear heels considering i told her for dancing they would be coming off..)

and we bought white ones to dye and match to my dress...well they did not get damaged on the grass at all. (i guess it depends how wet the grass is if they get damaged) however the reception place had a flood from the pipes in the bathroom....it ruined the dye job completely.

no one reallly noticed because of how long my dress was. but i knew. and i was very upset for a lil while. but i got over it cuz i was a teenager. i did get upset that i could never wear those shoes again though.

Sarah said...

No, the castle would be outside, at the gazebo.

They would only allow pictures inside with special permission. (But guests would be allowed to explore the inside)

Also you would have to go over by boat to the island, so that's risky too water-wise...

Ahhh, I'm sorry about your shoes!

I don't know, they just seem so unpredictable, I figure I'm better off with 1 less thing to worry about, you know? lol

But thanks for the story and another comment! :D

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