June 8, 2010

The Artistic Beauty...Of A Shoe

Since I'm just starting out as a wedding blogger, and since I am not engaged as of yet, I have only begun browsing the dozens and dozens of wedding blogs out there.

But one featured such a cute idea (that I absolutely adore!) that I feel I must post it here!

CastleBride Couture - Colorful Shoes

A gorgeous photograph of a beautifully coordinated wedding party. Look at how the berries in the bouquets match the girls' shoes!


Is that not the cutest wedding party pic you have ever seen?
For me it is, lol.

I so want to do this, I just love how it looks!

The shoes match the ribbons on the bouquets, the shoes are ardorable, the ribbons fall loose at the top of the bouquets, the great pop of color, the beautiful contrast, even the size proportions of the bride and bridemaids bouquets are perfect!!!

Now the question is...
should the bridemaids' dresses or shoes be purple? lol


Anonymous said...

you could do both...but then u don't have a pop affect.

i dont kno if you want your bridesmaids wearing black...

ooo maybe silver or something with purple shoes!!! and purples sashes or something. taht might be prettty. or if not silver...some form of gray?

Sarah said...

I do not want black bridesmaid dresses, it would have to be a color combo that somehow would give such a nice visual contrast with white and bright purple. (I was also thinking dark plum dresses...) Silver could work nicely though!

My mom really wants me to go purple and silver instead of purple and white, (y? no idea) so she would love your idea, lol :)

*shrugs* I still don't know the color pallet yet because who knows, the bf might want another fun color for the reception, (so it would be included with everything else) thank you for your ideas!!! :D

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