May 4, 2010

The Results of My Rosey Quest

So I went to 4 Dollar Tree's.

And I managed to find 17 packages of just light purple rose soaps! They cost me a grand total of $18.50! :D

Apparently there were more color combinations than I thought, I was able to find white, light pink, bright pink, light purple, and light green for a monochromatic set, and another combo-colored set in white and peach!

Since my favorite color of all time is purple, (if you haven't guessed from my blog,) I was happy to get all purple flowers!

I was so excited with my find that I had to try them out when I got home!

So here's my quick review:

When you take them out of the container, they feel a lot like foam, and you're wondering if you really bought soaps or if the store just labeled them wrong...But alas! Once you put a teared-off petal under water it dissolves and turns to soap!

...I do wish though it didn't stick to my hand in a slightly gooey-soapy mess...your hands do get clean, because you're trying to wash/scrape the soap away...perhaps warmer water might make these easier to deal with.

Also they don't really have that strong of a scent, but that's nothing that a little body spray/perfume won't fix :)

However these things are sturdy enough that you could potentially thread them with a wire or string and do a craft project with them, as long as liquids aren't involved anyway.

In my opinion, I think these things have enough character that I don't care if they're a bit hard to wash with, but that is my honest assessment of them for any brides to be out there.