January 7, 2011

The Cricut's Here!!!

My Pink Journey Cricut!8D

Yes, the crazy lady got her Cricut for Christmas!!!

It's so pretty isn't it?! It's a collector's edition for National Breast Cancer Month, and came with the special edition Pink Journey cartridge! Plus Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials cartridges.

I got the special edition because it was a fantastic ebay find, an auction that had an incorrectly labeled title, so any passerby would think it was just a regular Cricut for sale. Not to mention that for other unknown but fortunate reasons, it was not being bid up as much as other Cricuts on ebay at the time.

I figured a collector's item would be worth more in the long run, in case I wanted to sell it after all the wedding preparations are over. Also that Pink Journey cartridge? Worth over $100 on average! 0.0 (A normal Cricut cartridge will go for approx $30 on ebay, depending)

After bugging my mom for two hours debating whether I should buy it or not, my mom offered to use her bidding program to help me out. I anxiously waited for the end results...and...wait, what? Who won this?! z***t?! Who the hell is that?!?

I called up my mom saying her bidding program didn't work, z***t won the auction, and started getting slightly frantic. Her response? "Oh, okay then, I guess we'll have to wait til Christmas to see if I really won the auction or not. :D" My mom is always trying to get "surprises" for Christmas gifts, lol.

So obviously I knew she had it :)

Ebay is, apparently, pretty good at disguising bidders names. I don't remember the exact number offhand, but I believe we won the auction around $185 plus approx $25 shipping. Which is a steal considering my mom sold the Pink Journey cartridge for me for $125! :D

(No offense to those who would have kept the cartridge, however I am fortunate enough to not have a breast cancer victim in the family, so I hope that I never need it.)

So, being gifted the Make the Cut! cutting program as well, I had to figure out how the hell to get this thing working!

Coming Up: Setting up your Cricut with Make the Cut!