October 2, 2010

I've Gone Cricut Crazy

Hello again,

I was working on a post to explain each element in my inspiration board, but I sadly can't find the source of the branches with the hanging crystals and candles in the top left of my board...and I looked in what seems like all my saved links! D: So until I can give the proper credit, that post will have to wait.

But in the meantime, I started to be allured by the amazing-ness of the Cricut.

With so many stunning DIY paper crafts out there, a crafty not-yet-bride like me HAS to include one of them! And if that involves a creative shape? The poor girl's fingers are aching from scissor overuse! But the Cricut, ah, the Cricut, can do it for you!

It can cut out cute shapes for escort cards!:

DIY Cricut leaf wedding escort cards.
It can save you money by eliminating the need for cute punches!:

Example of a craft punch that can be replicated by the Cricut.
It can really jazz up your invitations!:

DIY wedding invitations that were created using the Cricut.
It can make birthday/Christmas/thank you cards!:

A DIY Cricut Christmas holiday card.
It can help you make envelope liners!:

DIY Cricut made envelope liners.
It can churn out banners!:

A DIY Cricut birthday banner.
It can make tags!:

A DIY holiday Christmas gift tag.
It can make packages, boxes, and bags!:
(I really did not expect to find these projects, I just wanted to put in part of the Dr. Suess quote! XD)

It can produce cupcake liners!:

A custom, DIY Cricut cupcake liner.
It can make ornaments!:

DIY holiday Christmas Cricut ornament.
It can help you design custom stamps!:

Custom DIY Cricut stamp.
It can create embossing folders!:

Custom DIY Cricut embossing folder.
It can cut out custom wall decals!:

Custom DIY Cricut wall decals.
It can even help you etch/paint wine glasses with a professional look!!!:

Custom wine glasses DIYed with the Cricut etched glass vinyl.
So yeah, it can basically take over the crafting world!!!

And now I *might* (crosses fingers) be getting one for my birthday/Christmas.

SQUEE!!! XD *dances*

Okay, the crazy lady is done now :)