November 24, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Material Would Be As Sweet?

Quick little blurb I had to share with you...

(And forgive me if I'm a bit flat today, haven't been feeling so great, I attribute it to stress of the upcoming graduate deadlines XP Anyhoo...)

I was surfing my usual group of drool-worthy wedding blogs, and while looking in the DIY section of Elizabeth Anne Designs, I found a tutorial for a pretty and pink dried flower wreath.

Well, pink is not my thing, but I though dried lavender would be lovely! The bride shared the site were she bought her dried goods, Dried Flowers 'R' Us, and obviously, I had to take a look to see if dried flowers was the secret mecca of having affordable florals.

Well I didn't find any crazy revelations, but I did find these!!!

Affordable dried pinecone roses for wedding decor.
With winter wedding thoughts dancing in my head, I thought these would be great to fill out any flower arrangements I would have!

You can get 400 rose heads for just $57 and 200 stemmed roses for $64!

Adding this lovely woodsy, wintery element to real flower bouquets/centerpieces/etc will help make them look more grand, large and full without paying nearly as much for real flowers!

Sounds good to me!


Nikki said...

Wow, I didn't think these would be so affordable. I'm planning a very earth-themed wedding and these are perfect!

Sarah said...

So glad I could help! :)

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