August 10, 2010

Sometimes It Helps To Clean Out Your Closet...

Being influenced by the cute rose purse I found earlier, I continued the search for shoes, and found myself being drawn to shoes with cute little flowers on the toes:

Purple strappy shoe with rose embellishment and high heel.
Another purple strappy shoe with rose embellishment and high heel.
Both lovely shoes, both terribly expensive XP

Move on to times when I'm not glued to a computer screen...

I was rummaging through the many, many items in my closet, and I realized that I already had a lovely pair of purple heels, purchased from Payless several years ago for prom...

Similar to this in dark purple:

Simple white strappy shoe with a reasonable heel.
Not a literal photo but you get the idea.

They are perfectly good purple shoes. They're sandals, with a bit of a heel, but doesn't look excruciating to wear...however they're missing that little bit of "wow factor"...

*looks at closet shoes*
*looks at drool worthy internet shoes*
*looks at closet shoes*
*looks at drool worthy internet shoes*
*realizes something obvious*

All I need are some purple flowers to put on the closet shoes! :D

So the search was on for lovely satin fabric flowers!!!

I looked at some flower hair clip sites, My Diva's Closet and, and then at the lovely handcrafted world of Etsy.

And I think I found something just wonderful:

A satin purple rose headband from Etsy.
Yes, they are headbands, but I'm sure I can either ask for the flowers only or just remove the flower from the headband once I get it!

AND they come in silver too! So at the very least, the bridesmaids can have matching fabric flowers, and they just need to get themselves some purple or silver shoes.

(If you haven't noticed I have been bouncing around the idea of the 'maids having purple and silver color scheme...)

Much easier than finding cute, stylish, affordable, mid heel purple sandals in a wide range of available sizes. :P

Only possible problem with these flowers is the size, 3 inches may or may not be too much for a regular pair of shoes.

Itching to try it out though :D