August 1, 2010

Renting Vs. Buying, The Big Debate Continued

A continuation from the last post, I scoured the internet for the cheapest prices on all the items mentioned previously for rent.

Wow, this took some time! Most of my free time was spent thinking about where or how I could get something cheaper...that would still have enough quality for a one-time use.

Part of the insanity of buying over 100 place settings is that in theory you could sell the stuff back and get some of your money back. (Note some, potentially like 50% or less)

After hours of searching, here's what I came up with:


-Tablecloths for round tables = $12 each
-Found at
*Cost for 12 = $144
-Tablecloths for buffet tables = $15 each
-Found at
*Cost for 6 = $90
-Napkins = $0.53 each
-Found at
*Cost for 115 = $60.95

Linen Total: $294.95


-10.5" plates
-6" salad bowls
-7" bread plates
-4.5" small bowls
-Cups and saucers
-Napkin rings
-Serving platter
-Serving bowl
-Salt and pepper set
-Found at Walmart
*Cost for 6 place settings = $40
*Cost for 19 sets = $760
-Sugar bowl = $1 each
-Found at Dollar Tree (seen in store)
*Cost for 24 = $24
-Creamer pitcher = $1 each
-Found at Dollar Tree (seen in store)
*Cost for 24 = $24
-Sauce boat w/stand = $2.52 each
-Found at
*Cost for 24 = $60.48
-Chargers = $0.38 each
-Hexagon 11" plastic plates found on Ebay
*Cost for 120 = $45

Dinnerware Total: $913.48


-Champagne glasses = $0.39 each
-Plastic glasses found at Sam's Club
*Cost for 120 = $46.37
-Wine glasses = $0.83 each
-Found at Ikea
*Cost for 114 = $95
-Juice (or water) glasses = $0.25 each
-Found at Ikea
*Cost for 114 = $28.31

Glassware Total: $169.68


-Salad fork = $0.16 each
-Found at Sam's Club
*Cost for 120 = $19.40
-Fork = $0.13 each
-Found at Sam's Club
*Cost for 120 = $15.60
-Spoon = $0.12 each
-Found at Sam's Club
*Cost for 120 = $14.40
-Knife = $0.23 each
-Found at Sam's Club
*Cost for 120 = $27.90

Silverware Total: $77.30

Add all these together with the venue rental cost, plus rental cost for the chairs...
(What? You didn't expect me to buy 100 chairs did you? lol)

Grand Total = $2,252.91

Difference From Renting = $185.01 more

Possible gain from re-sale = $727.71

Possible Net Cost = $1,525.21


A very important thing to note!

If you do not rent, you're the one stuck with the transport, washing and ironing of all these items, not only once, but twice if you want to sell them to get your money back!

That is a LOT of work. But who knows, it may work for someone, possibly if you're having a smaller wedding than 100 XP

*Whew!* Maybe I'll stick to more fun posts for a while, that was a lot of (hopefully not too boring) info! :P