July 13, 2010

Inspiration Board Attempt #2

Remember the pretty inspiration board I just made a few days ago?

I was happy with it, but I wanted a little something more...something was missing...

That something being anything having to do with my wonderful bf. XP This was a bit too girly and bride-centered.

So I thought of my bf's likes and hobbies and tried to fit any of them into my "purple sophisticated romance".

My favorite two? His love of cooking and his love of Japan/Asian influence.

(Sorry for the big huge Asian label, I don't want to accidentally associate something Chinese with something Korean, or Japanese for Thai, etc. I'm just trying to cover all my bases XP)

Asian touches I always found to be modern, elegant, and different, which is exactly what I'm going for anyways.

This also means I can include something I kinda super-adore: parasols!!!

A fun bridal party photo with parasols.
A romantic silhouette wedding couple photograph behind a parasol.
And the cooking part? In my wedding research travels I kinda fell in love with herbs in floral bouquets and boutonnieres especially. I think it's just so wonderfully different, yet fitting! There is not a single dish my bf makes that doesn't have an herb from his mother's herb garden.

Unique and beautiful herb boutonnieres.
A lot of these herbs have a pale, blueish-green tint to them, so I thought I could put that cool color of green in little touches throughout the wedding decor!

However this gave even MORE work to do finding even more inspiration pics XP lol

But, I think it turned out well:

My second Asian inspired, purple wedding inspiration board.
click to enlarge

I'm just wondering if the "romance" part still exists in this board...
What do you think?