July 1, 2010

The Best Kind of Buffet? A Cake Buffet of Course!

Yet another WeddingBee post that caught my eye: a wedding cake buffet!

Really it was a wedding cake deconstructed. Instead of having the usual tiered cake, Mrs. Pencils had 6 separate lovely cakes displayed on her cake table, and I think it looks fantastic!

Mrs. Pencils sophisticated cake buffet.
Photo copyright and courtesy of B. Scott Photography

I kinda really love this because:

1) This would be easier to DIY because you don't have to worry about stacking layers and/or transporting a tiered cake.
2) I think it's a nice modern twist on the traditional cake, and it's not cupcakes!
3) I can have lovely variety with each cake being a different flavor!
4) Multiple cakes are always better than one XD

Only problem is that I would have to have a better idea/plan for the design of the cake table, and probably spend more money on the presentation of the cakes.

I know I have seen these before, but I think this is the first one I have seen where the cakes look professional and polished, instead of the homemade cake buffet look:

A cute homestyle cake buffet.
I guess I love that Mrs. Pencil's cakes all had the same style, so it looked more put-together and cohesive!

Now how many cakes should I have?