June 30, 2010

Welcome! And Here's Your Welcome Bag! :D

Didn't have Internet all weekend because I was helping the bf move into his new house! :D Very exciting! And the past couple days I have been helping him clean the place...not as exciting :P

So I will do my best to go from house mode to wedding mode again! :D

I want to use my creative energy :D and really want to try to figure out what to do for welcome bags, aka out-of-town bags or OOT bags for short.

Since I plan on having a destination wedding, and having a smaller budget, I would rather put more money and effort into the welcome bags instead of the favors. I mean it's the first thing they'll see when they arrive, I want them to impress!

The container you put the stuff in is almost as important as what's in it! They really set the theme or mood!

Here are some affordable containers that caught my eye:
46 cents each, OMG WANT!!! :D
Gorgeous white and purple swirl design gift bag
58 cents each, ALSO WANT!!! :D
Gorgeous purple and white swirl design gift bag
96 cents each, also pretty but may not be worth it...
Clear with white damask design gift bag
A WeddingBee post led me to tote bags for only 59 cents each! :D

Affordable colored canvas tote bags
After you DIY some custom label or picture on the bag, they will look like you spent a fortune! (I have always liked tote bags)

Even though I love the purple bags, (and the tote bags,) I want to think more out of the box, I want something different...

Eh, I guess I get more creative juices flowing once I have a general theme for the wedding, lol.