June 22, 2010

Bit By The WeddingBee...

(Note: I know that bees don't bite, but I like my title anyways :) :P)

Ever since I started looking for cute purple shoes, and reading about fun-loving Mrs. Sea Breeze and her shoe woes, I have been really interested in WeddingBee.com.

The Weddingbee site icon
It seems to be an extremely popular wedding site, and I can see why.

This blog doesn't just have one bride, they have over 30 brides-to-be, plus all the posts of brides who have been "bees" in the past. And most post almost daily about their wedding adventures! (sure makes me feel nervous about my posting habits, lol)

There are a wide variety of brides on the site, with different locations, themes and budgets. Plus I can't stop sifting through the dozens of DIY pages oozing with creativity and fabulousness!

And, (when I actually start shopping for wedding items,) they have a glorious classifieds section, full of wedding items that brides want to get rid of!!! Not to mention this is a fantastic way to get some money back after the wedding's said and done!

All of this (and more!) makes WeddingBee.com a goldmine!!! :D

So I guess this explains why I can't go a day now without looking at the new posts



Lyndsay said...

I checked out Weddingbee & love it! Thanks for the tip!

P.S. I gave you an award on my blog, go check it out!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

WB is amazing. I LIVE for it. If there's a random question that you have regarding some aspect of your wedding, just search for it. Chances are someone else has already asked about it and there's tons of helpful responses. The site has come even more handy as I get closer to the wedding and have etiquette questions, specific questions, etc.

Sarah said...

To Lyndsay: Your welcome!

OMG I got an award!!! XD Thank you so very much!!! Now I need to work on my award post...I'm in the same boat as you, I haven't discovered too many bloggers unless they are on WeddingBee XD

To Sarah Elizabeth: I will have to start searching then, I do have some questions involving destination weddings, thank you! :D

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