May 13, 2010

Oh How I Do Love Dresses...

So after all that budgeting, I'm looking at something I won't be buying-- bridesmaid dresses!

I want my lovely bridesmaids to look, well lovely, so I don't want some strange, freakish dress they are forced to buy and wear for the occasion.

They should be in some shade of purple, and I'm not sure whether to go knee-length or full-length...

Here are some that caught my eye:

(the first one comes in many colors)

A glamorous bridesmaid dress.
A flowy, Grecian bridesmaids dress.
Such a cute springtime bridesmaids dress.
A little causal, but still a cute and sweet bridesmaids dress.
Please ladies, leave this ugly bridesmaids dress online...

Just kidding about that last one XD