May 1, 2010

Bringing a Crowd

So now I want a destination wedding, a good 4 hours away, but somehow still want 100 of the closest friends and family to come join us. I realize this probably won't happen and there will be people who will be unable to come.

I guess it's a good thing my family is small and most of the friends I want to invite will be my bridemaids :) So I don't see how I could be too disappointed with the turnout.

The bf's invite list --> much, much, larger than mine, but most of the relatives and a decent amount of his friends don't live in our hometown anyways, so I'm sure the same amount would travel to his wedding whether we had in it in Western NY or the Thousand Islands.

One of my biggest worries: my bf is an only child and he has mentioned that his parents may want to throw a HUGE shindig that could be more than just out-of-control...I mean his cousin had a wedding with 500 guests for crying out loud!!! Can you even imagine!?! D8

So I've already come up with a guest list ground rule: If you want more than 100 guests that badly, you'll have to pay for them. It sounds a bit rude, but the realistic fact is, I will barely be able to pay for 100 guests, so the money simply won't be there for an extra 100 heads...

But I'll deal with that when I'm actually engaged :)


Anonymous said...

destination wedding? to where? i always thought you wanted to get married at the castle in upstate new york.

and goodness you want all of us..your girlfriends as bridemaids? thats a large wedding party don't you think? do you really want to go over 4 bridemaids?

thats just my thoughts after reading all your current postings :)

ps. you are adorable. i <3 your blog

Pss. i love the soaps too.

Sarah said...

The destination wedding is the castle in Upstate NY (Boldt Castle), since it is 4hrs away from Buffalo, it kinda is a destination wedding, because I just can't drive there any day I feel like to look at venues or check out florists or something. Also for all the guests it would be quite an outing to get there, so I'm calling it a "destination wedding" :)

Well I have been horribly anti-social lately, so the bridesmaids I was thinking of was you, Amber, my friend Lauren, my friend Andrea, and Anne. As long as Bobby tags along with Anne also, I'll have the friends there that I want most. Anyone else would be considered an extra bonus :)

:D I'm so glad you like the blog!

I already bought the soaps too, lol, I'm making a quick post later giving a brief review of them, lol

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