May 2, 2011

Another Alert to All Thrifty Brides!!!

We have more amazing thrify-ness from The Christmas Tree Shop and the Dollar Tree! :D

First, we have The Christmas Tree Shop find, cute and comfy hooded terry wraps for just $8 each, in white, pink, blue, yellow and (I think) black:

Very affordable bridesmaid getting-ready robes from The Christmas Tree shop.These would be a perfect bridesmaids' gift, easy to customize, and a great way to get those cute getting-ready pics!

Adorable getting-ready wedding photo.
At the Dollar Tree, they're selling what most brides wait til June for...$1 flip flops!!!

Affordable black and white flip flops from the Dollar Tree.Affordable assorted colored flip flops from the Dollar Tree.You can get them in black or white designs or in black, dark blue, light blue, pink, purple, or yellow!

No more waiting in line at Old Navy ladies! Get these while they last!

Your welcome.


(As a side note, Dollar Tree and Christmas Tree Shop gave me nothing for doing this post, this is just my thrifty opinion!)