February 11, 2011

How to Get A Phantom Wedding Like David Tutera's My Fair Wedding: Linens

Another installment of the My Fair Wedding - Phantom series, we're now on to...

Step 3: Design the tablescape.

How you decorate your tables can affect the whole look and mood of your venue, so finding the right combination is key!

In order to be as accurate as possible, I re-watched the show :D and looked on the interwebs for photos of the decorated venue. The florist of the Phantom episode, Studio Fiore posted some lovely photos showing off not only their wonderful centerpieces, (floral post to come later,) but the decorated tables as well! Score!

Thanks to All About the Tables, I found a nifty design tool that can help you visualize how your table settings will look in completion at The Cloth Connection.

In a nutshell, this is the look we're aiming for:

A Phantom wedding banquet table setup, created by the Cloth Connection table design tool.The tables were decorated with the following:

1) Red damask tablecloths, with a light gold contrast color

This was the hardest part of this post, no lie. Finding detailed banquet tablecloths on the cheap is no cake walk. XP With all the other elements going on with this tablescape, I realized I would have to either focus on other elements or get creative with my options.

The most budget friendly options are either a simple burgundy satin 108" tablecloth for $9.80 each from Linen Tablecloth, or a simple burgundy polyester 120" tablecloth for $11.15 each from Linen Tablecloth.

A burgundy satin tablecloth for banquets or weddings.A burgundy polyester tablecloth for banquets and weddings.

Now, don't give up on me yet! There will be lovely details further down the line, just bear with me. If you can stand having a plain tablecloth, then I recommend not a patterned one, but another burgundy overlay, preferably 90" to cover as much of the tablecloth as possible. Then the gold overlay could lie perpendicular to the first overlay, creating a more elaborate look.

Example of how using two overlays can create a more elaborate look for a banquet or wedding table.The cheapest I could find is an 85" apple red flocking organza overlay for $10.49 each from CV Linens when you buy 12 or more.

An apple red flocking organza overlay for banquets and weddings.I know it's red and not burgundy, but since it is close and since it is organza, it will blend into the burgundy tablecloth and look more like damask rather than looking mis-matched.

2) Gold embroidered overlays

In order to save on the tablecloth and napkins, I kinda splurged a bit on the overlay. My reasoning is if the detail is in the overlay, the elements around it can be more subdued and not look plain. Since tablecloths (usually) cost more than overlays, and napkins are need in massive quantities, I splurge on only the overlays to save on costs in the long run, without sacrificing style! :)

This one I found looks very, very similar to the ones on the show, and is just lovely in my opinion. It's a cream and gold quad organza embroidery 84" overlay for $18 from Prestige Linens.

A quad organza embroidery overlay for banquets and weddings.3) Gold chargers

If you look back at my Christmas Tree Shop charger post, you can see that if you wait patiently, you will find affordable chargers for $1 or even $0.80 each! Just sign up for the Christmas Tree Shop emails and you'll never miss a sales ad!

4) Red and gold scroll-patterned napkins

Paying extra for something as numerous as napkins is just plain not a good idea unless you get a great deal on some fancy fabric and make them on your own. (And when I mean a great deal, I mean $2 per yard or less. Trust me on this one!)

This is why we're going with simple polyester burgundy napkins for $0.50 each from Linen Tablecloth. Especially if you have a more detailed overlay, it's okay to have a plainer napkin!

Burgundy polyester affordable banquet and wedding napkins.If you really want a bit more pizazz, these satin burgundy napkins from eFavorMart will work very nicely as well for $0.65 each!

Affordable satin banquet and wedding napkins.5) Tassel napkin rings

I found some really affordable tassel ties at The Tassel Depot, 100 12" gold tassel ties for just $36! :D *dances*

Gold tassel ties.6) Velvet chair bands/caps with tassels

This was a bit harder to figure out, given the high costs of chair treatments. It will take a bit of DIY, but I believe I have found an affordable solution!

First, purchase the following:
-25 burgundy satin runners, $2.41 each from Linen Tablecloth
-100 yards of 5/8" double faced satin ribbon for $17.50 from The Ribbon Retreat Wholesale
-100 roman gold bookmark tassels for $13 from The Tassel Depot

Now, take the runners and cut them into 4 equal pieces. On the back of each one, use chalk to mark the center of the bottom edge, and then mark 12 inches from the bottom on each side.

First step to creating the DIY chair caps.Draw 2 lines with a ruler connecting these side marks to the center mark to create a tapered point. Now draw 2 more lines 1/2" from those lines.

Step two in making the DIY chair caps.Cut on these lines.

Step 3 in making the DIY chair caps.Hem the pieces on the top and the new tapered sides. Trim off most of the loop on the tassel and sew the remaining tail to the back of the point.

Step four in making the DIY chair caps.Cut four 12" pieces of ribbon. Sew the ends of two ribbons to the back of each corner of the fabric, then sew the ends of the other two ribbons on the back of the fabric, just above each point where the fabric tapers off.

The last step in making the DIY chair caps.Now when you want to put on your chair toppers, you just drape the tapered end over the back of the chair, and tie a pretty bow on each side! Relatively easy chair toppers for just $0.91 per chair!!! :D

So, after all that, what I have created for you is a slight alteration of the original:

My version of a Phantom wedding banquet table setup, created by the Cloth Connection table design tool.But how much does it really cost you?

(For 100 guests, I assume 13 60" 8-person tables plus head table)

Tablecloth costs = $137.20 - $156.10
Overlay costs = $252 ($399 if you use 2 overlays)
Charger costs = $80 - $100
Napkin costs = $50 - $65
Napkin ring costs = $36
Chair cap costs = $91

Grand total for 100 guests = $646.20 - $847.10
Cost per table = $46.16 - $60.50

Nothing to scoff at, but realize you would own all these items, possibly be able to sell some to another bride, and not have to worry about stains or damage. And with the costs of rentals these days, I believe this is actually the cheaper option if you find yourself stuck on such expensive tastes :)

*Whew!* That was nothing short of a doozy! Would you believe I worked so hard on this post that all last night I was dreaming about linens?! No joke. XD It was kinda weird, lol.

On to Step 4: Flowers!