January 29, 2011

The Reasons Why I Greatly Dislike Chiavari Chairs

Omg, how could you Sarah?!

You have just committed a wedding blog travesty!

How could you not love the beauty that is the Chiavari chair? Just look at how it transforms a space!

C Studios Photography, Mindy and Chris's urban wedding reception.Yes, I have to admit, they are very lovely.

But I don't like them. They kinda annoy me greatly. >XP

Just say no to the Chiavari chair for weddings.Why you ask?

Because this is one of the few remaining grips the WIC (Wedding Industrial Complex) has on us lovely ladies.

We can DIY a centerpiece, decor, bouquets, table linens, ring pillows/flower girl baskets, mood lighting, DJ music, veils, invitations, tiered cakes, booze, our food even, (although I wouldn't try it)...

...but we cannot recreate the Chiavari chair.

The only way to get them is to rent or purchase them, and since most brides don't have a use for 100+ chairs, we rent them. For $6-$7 a piece at the absolute lowest. Because there is nothing else we can do.

And even when we try to find a bargain with these, we risk dealing with people who take advantage of their high prices, and many scams crop up, just involving cheap Chiavari chair rentals!

So they gouge out our wallets because they're counting on us to fawn over them.

Chiavari chairs and wedding signs at a beautiful wedding reception.
Poor Miss Brooch was feeling the pain of being financially responsible, and with pictures like this, who can blame her?
This is why I will not have those chairs in my wedding. They are not worth the money, no matter how much we may try to rationalize it.

If you are freaking out, desperately trying to re-arrange your budget to somehow fit these elegant chairs into your special day, take a deep breath. It's okay. You are better than the chairs. They are not worth it.

Put your money to a better use. You will feel much better about it later, when your bills are paid and you remember your wedding with great fondness.

Just trust me on this one :)