November 2, 2010

I Have to Get Engaged NOW!!!

Just so I can submit my application to Weddingbee and get a BRUNCH ICON!!!

You have no idea just how much I love food, especially brunch food, especially sweet brunch food!!! (yeah I have a major sweet-tooth :P)

Weddingbee's collection of brunch icons.
I could be Miss Cinnamon Bun or Miss Waffle or Miss French Toast or Miss Pancakes or Miss Crepe or Miss Tartlet or even Miss Pain Au Chocolat!


(Well, I kinda wouldn't be able to apply anyways, because an applicant's wedding is supposed to be less than 8 months away, and I highly doubt we would get married in 8 months from now, XD)

(And I'm not really serious, this is more of a post displaying my love of food and my love of really cute Weddingbee icons)

End of silly fan-girl moment!